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Verto – Krig/Volubilis


LP, Pôle, 1976

Delerious lysergic guitar-centred freakery from the mid-70s, sounding sometimes like a more prog-influenced Chrome. Lead man Jean-Pierre Grasset is backed on this by members of Potemkine, who veer closer to Magma/Zeuhl sounds on their own equally twisty trio of albums from 76-78 (another day, kids). One of only two Verto records (we’ll rip Reel 19.36 another day too – only so many hours etc etc), they could both do with a remastered reissue and far wider attention. Yes, we do say that frequently.

A1. Krig (4:51)
A2. Et Terre (3:31)
A3. Ether (1:08)
A4. Oka (3:59)
A5. Locomo (5:58)
B1. Strato (Incluant Volubilis) (18:29)
B2. TK 240 S 52 (5:38)

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Hanadensha – The Golden Age of Heavy Blood


LP/CD, Alchemy, 1988

According to Discogs, Hanadensha means “flower car”, which is both a train carriage reserved for women only (well, we do hear stories about Japanese males) … and that delicate little lady garden than women (and those selfsame men) like to play with.

All we really know is that they were founded by Hira when he left the Boredoms, feature Yojiru from the Vooredoms, and later Masato Yokota from the almighty Corrupted, and in their ten year life made three albums and three EPs of wildly desirable super-amplified racket that got ever more psychedelic. And their debut come come all wrapped up with a motherfucking massive cow on the cover, like some demented acid-Kraut monstrosity on Ohr or Brain from 1972. It’s more “garage band” than that moo-face cover implies, as it turns out, with sections that you might even describe as “rock” amidst all the screaming and very loud guitars. The man T suggested, “File under: Mainliner’s support act” and that sums ’em up nicely.

The CD additionally features their two contributions to the delirious Alchemy compilation Young Person’s Guide To West Psychedelia. And yes, your memory isn’t deceiving you, they were on the first volume of that Japan Bashing series we posted.

1. Future Deadlock (3:37)
2. Bad Tube (6:04)
3. Hot Cake (5:32)
4. Blossom Body (5:47)
5. Blood Star (12:53)
6. Mary Mary Mary (9:49)
7. Headspinningdizzyblues (4:09) cd bonus
8. Heavensucker (9:06) cd bonus

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When – Drowning but Learning


LP, Witchwood, 1987

Lars Pedersen was a member of Norway’s moderately well-known early industrial/rock band Holy Toy. On his solo releases, starting with 1987’s Drowning But Learning, however, he’s pursued a cut’n’paste approach that’s quietly but confidently created some amazing music. His use of classical music and concrete elements has been particularly striking, but he’ll just as happily slip into a medieval folk song or some grinding post-punk indie rock. Years before samplers were affordable, he was lobbing everything into the mix. This debut was notable, too, for its neat packaging, as it comes inside an oversized screen printed padded bag. Note that tracks 3–6 on side two all run together.

1. Witchwood
2. War Fields
3. Those Grey Cats Invisible
4. Karius & Baktus
5. New Water

1. The Entrance
2. World in Strike
3. Drowning but Learning
4. The Heat
5. Accident
6. Veil and Mere
7. Beginning

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Fetus Productions – Fetalmania

EP, Flying Nun, 1983

It is traditional, when talking about these noisy New Zealanders, to start with the words “Nothing to do with JG Thirlwell…”. That over and done with, well, how to describe them… Discogs describes them as a “conceptual band”, which makes them sound overly mannered, like Sudden Sway or something. To our ears they’re in the same zone as an Antipodean Savage Republic, mixing shards of post-punk guitar music with occasional barrages of heavy industrial percussion and noise fuckery (two of the band were in an early incarnation of SPK, so that makes sense). They recorded through the 1980s, but only a reissue of this one on Normal made it far beyond their own shores.

a1. I Am a Criminal (5:05)
a2. Utter Frustration (1:49)
a3. Desert Lands (4:58)
b1. What’s Going On (4:53)
b2. State to be in (2:40)
b3. Fetus Productions (4:57)

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Null – Saishiyu Bushitsu

LP, Nux Organisation, 1985

The first album release from the Nux Organisation, the ultra-collectable Japanese noise rock label, was this earth-devouring slab of miasma from KK Null. The disc was later remastered and reissued by those dedicated noiseniks at Forced Exposure in 1990, in a pretty cool sleeve (second image above) but the original is just gorgeous – 200 copies in handmade, screenprinted metal sleeves. Ah, we love just to hold it… All music was recorded by KK Null, on April 9th and 13th, 1985. The title translates as “Ultimate Material”, apparently. Which makes sense.

A. Ultima (21:40)
B. Materia (20:39)

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Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)


2xLP, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc/The Charing Hill Company, 1982

Ah, art. What would we do without it, pop kids? And hey, you know, some of those real-life, full-time artistic types, they can rock out too. Why look, here’s a double album full of their grrrrreatest bits.

A scarce double disc of the great and the good from the early 1980s NYC art scene, this is a very mixed bag of sound pieces, spoken word and, well, some songs. But there are some gems here too, so this isn’t just notable for its rarity. The Bill Burroughs piece has his voice slowly set out of phase like an early Steve Reich piece. And the Terry Fox excerpt, from recordings made from a show where he wired very lengthy steel springs from the altar to the doors of an Italian church and then plucked them like the world’s largest guitar, basking in the gloriously cavernous reverb, is pretty damn special. There’s more of Fox’s wire music on his album Ataraxia.

This was released in a limited run, in a gatefold covered in notes, plus a couple of large fold-out posters with further sleevenotes and alternative cover designs. There was also a 500-copy run with prints from some of the contributors as a collector’s item. We ain’t got that one.

01. Jud Fine – Polynesian/Polyhedron (3:12)
02. Eleanor Antin – Antinova Remembers (4:12)
03. Terry Fox – Internal Sound (4:21)
04. Margaret Harrison – First Lines (2:46)
05. Les Levine – Would Not Say No to Some Help (4:10)
06. Hannah Wilke – Stand Up (3:21)
07. Douglas Davis – How to Make Love to a Sound (4:21)
08. Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid – Russian Language Lesson (3:21)
09. Helen & Newton Harrison – Extract from The Second Lagoon: A Memoriam to John Isaacs (2:29)
10. Vincenzo Agnetti – Pieces of Sound (4:30)
11. Chris Burden – The Atomic Alphabet (0:31)
12. Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs – You Only Call the Old Doctor Once (4:45)
13. Ida Applebroog – Really, is That a Fact? (3:09)
14. Edwin Schlossberg – Vibrations/Metaphors (4:52)
15. SITE – Comments on SITE (2:46)
16. R Buckminster Fuller – Critical Path (2:52)
17. Thomas Shannon – Smashing Beauty (4:02)
18. Conrad Atkinson – The Louis XIV Deterrent (5:20)
19. David Smyth – Typewriter in D (3:35)
20. Todd Siler – Think Twice (3:17)
21. Joseph Beuys – Excerpt from Cooper Union Dialogue (4:07)

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Japan Bashing vols 1-3

It’s strange to look back and realise that even as late as 1990, the new Japanese experimental rock music was a rarity in the West. Fuelled by the desperately tantalising reviews of discs on Alchemy, PSF and Bron in the pages of the irreplaceable Forced Exposure magazine, noiseheads were drooling at the thought of this brain melting psych racket finally making its way beyond Japan’s borders. So praise was duly given to the fine people of Public Bath Records, creators of these three seminal EPs of new Japanese rock racketry. These days, as the saying goes, nobody knows if it really happened. Japan Bashing Volume 1, 7″, Public Bath, 1990 • Discogs A1. Boredoms – Discow Moscow A2. UFO or Die – Space Disco B1. Omoide-Hatoba – Linear Motor Jet Shop B2. Hanadensha – Future Deadlock Japan Bashing Volume 2, 7″, Public Bath, 1990 • Discogs A. Subvert Blaze – Butterfly (Away Mix) B1. Playmate – Upside Down B2. Playmate – Life is Never Too Short Japan Bashing Volume 3, 2×7″, Public Bath, 1991 • Discogs A. Hijokaidan – Theme of the Taste of Wild West B. Solmania – Highdrophobia Part 2 C. Hanatarash – Galaxy Boost & Hanataradelic Planet Dub (Sore Diamond Remix) D. Masonna – Hot Licks From a Cunning Linguist All three in one at new ZSK2S

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Various – Wild Paarty Sounds vol.1

LP, Cherry Red, 1981

We like our On-U Sound on the early side, so what better than this pre-Pay It All Back collection of mutant indie/dub experiments? Back in these early days, as Adrian Sherwood was still learning his craft, you still get the occasional ex-Pop Group and Slits folks hanging around (Machine Gun Hogg & Co, Ari Up’s New Age Steppers); the mighty Manc freaks Suns of Arqa and the Mothmen – later to form the first iteration of, well, no easy way to say it, Simply Red; and several tracks of almost industrial-tinged clattering. And here’s where you find “Quante Jubila”, still possibly Prince Far-I’s finest rhythm. Later (1991) out on an equally forgotten CD, but ripped from vinyl for proper bass response, y’all.

1. Jah Woosh – Woodpecker Sound (3:25)
2. Machine Gun Hogg & Co. – Bed Bound Saga (3:35)
3. Prince Far I & Creation Rebel- Quanté Jubila (3:17)
4. The Chicken Granny – Quit the Body (3:05)
5. Alan Pillay – Parasitic Machine (3:42)
6. London Underground – Dreams are Better (4:14)

1. Suns of Arqa – Asian Rebel (5:02)
2. Alan Pillay – Demonic Forces (3:46)
3. The Mothmen – Afghani Dub (2:26)
4. Jeb Loy & the Oil Wells – Things that Made U.S. (4:41)
5. New Age Steppers – Yipee I Aah (2:48 )
6. Judy Nylon – The Dice (3:44)

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Caroliner/Culturcide – Split 7″

7″, Bird Man, 1998

To accompany our festive snatch of Culturcide that’s around here somewhere, here’s another rarity, from their noisy “We’re an actual band, yknow” incarnation, along with some selections from San Francisco’s ten-years-too-early folky psych Americana nutters, Caroliner.

Note: the Caroliner side is ripped as one track. It seems to be about eleven different tunes all rammed together, and doesn’t stop even when the needle hits the paper label, causing T the typical Kraut hifi nerd to scream in pain and leap for the record deck. Such hilarity. The Culturcide tracks, meanwhile, were recorded live in Antwerp. That’s in Belgium, you know.

A1. Caroliner – Bring Culture to the Treetops
A2. Caroliner – Fiddle With the Heart Stuck in it
A3. Caroliner – Wonderful Warm Hearted Flesh Donations
B1. Culturcide – 3:38
B2. Culturcide – 4:51

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Phillip & His Foetus Vibrations – Tell Me, What is the Bane of Your Life?


7″, Self Immolation, 1980

Yes, friends, it’s everyone’s family favourites, Phillip & His Foetus Vibrations, featuring You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath with Phillip Toss. OK, it’s a very early JG Thirlwell (aka Clint Ruin) release, with a b-side that reveals an enormous debt to the early work of the Residents. Such a pretty little thing.

A. Tell Me, What is the Bane of Your Life? (7:34)
B. Mother, I’ve Killed the Cat (4:19)

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