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Sequential – Sequential


CD, Fax, 1993

Most beloved of all of Pete Namlook’s trance-techno sides, the twelve inch of “Sequential” by Sequential, made with DJ Criss and given a wide release on Rising High, remains a stone-cold classic. It liberally borrows its squiggly atmospheric opening from the first Red Planet twelve, but when those majestic synth chords kick in and the bass starts to bubble, and then that choir starts tickling your synapses, it’s the start of a delicious strobelit trip. The accompanying album was harder to find, though many of its ambient-trance grooves up across various other twelves.

01. Sequential (6:51)
02. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea (6:59)
03. A Trip to Paradise (9:24)
04. Sonne (5:23)
05. Saturn Cruises (11:29)
06. Duane Sky (5:36)
07. X-Ray Delta One (8:28)
08. Ambient Block – Sequenchill/Mission Control #2/Lost in the Sea (15:57)
09. Everything is Under Control (6:48)

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9″ flexidisc, National Geographic Society, 1980

More outer space stuff – a felicitous mix of narration, sound effects and sympathetic synth burbles that sounds like the audio-visual soundtrack for a bunch of museum exhibits. It’s the only record we’ve come across (so far) where the Astronomy Consultant gets a namecheck, but the narrator and musicians do not.

Sound quality is a bit suspect, but that’s double-sided 25cm flexidiscs for you. I know, it’s a constant bugbear. Meanwhile, check out that natty op-art Bridget Riley-esque sleeve – remind you of anything?

A1. From Sun Gods to Science
A2. The Planets are Born
B1. Energy From Space
B2. Exploring the Universe

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Sir Bernard Lovell FRS – Our Present Knowledge of the Universe

LP, BBC Records, 1967

Here’s the release on disc of a lecture given at the University of North Wales, that was transmitted as a radio talk, first broadcast on the BBC’s Third Programme (what’s now called BBC Radio 3) on March 9th 1967. Not sure if this was widely distributed or just a transcription disc made in limited numbers for other radio stations and libraries – we suspect that it was properly released in some form. Sir Bernard Lovell, FRS (that is, Fellow of the Royal Society – gotta love those Brit qualifications), was a noted astronomer much involved with the facility at Jodrell Bank in the UK.

NB: Mono recording.

A. Side One
B. Side Two

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