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The Residents – The Beatles Play the Residents & the Residents Play the Beatles


7″, Ralph, 1977

Nice early mop top sample mash-up (just a few short decades before The Grey Album, et al) from the Third Reich’n’Roll funsters. Limited edition of 500 – what’s your number, chum?

a. Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life (3:56)
b. Flying (3:22)

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The Scam – Scam vol 2

12″, Scam, 1988-ish

Cut-up hip-hop from London DJ Richie Rich, very much in the vein of early Coldcut – right down to running “King of the Swingers” over the “Funky Drummer” break as the latter do on “Say Kids!”… but which came first. A fun anonymous white label, circa 1988. this is perhaps more of a historical artefact these days than anything else.

A. Bass (5:17)
B. Rebel Groove (5:00)

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Terry Edwards – Plays Salutes & Executes


CD, Stim, 1993

So, we were talking late into the night about our favourite cover versions… and we had a delighted sudden remembrance of the three singular EPs released by British trumpeter and sometime Gallon Drunk guy Terry Edwards in the early 90s sent us scurrying to the racks. Oh happy rediscovery. This collection has all three plus a trio of punk covers. Debate continues to bat back and forth on whether the Mary Chain feedback recreations or the ska-ed up Fall songs are the cream of the crop, but all good, all good. You may also care to check his 1992 Peel session, which saw his motley band play a medley of Napalm Death tunes.

Plays the Music of Jim & William Reid (1991)
01. Never Understand (3:07)
02. Everything’s Alright When You’re Down (2:36)
03. The Hardest Walk (2:24)
04. Break Me Down (2:31)

Salutes the Magic of the Fall (1991)
05. Totally Wired (3:56)
06. Bingomaster’s Breakout (2:48)
07. The Dice Man (1:52)
08. Container Drivers (6:47)

Executes Miles Davis Numbers (1992)
09. Eighty-One (1:24)
10. Four (1:50)
11. Seven Steps to Heaven (1:59)
12. Half Nelson (1:07)

Extra Tracks
13. Version City (3:23)
14. New Rose (2:52)
15. Bodies (2:26)

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When – Drowning but Learning


LP, Witchwood, 1987

Lars Pedersen was a member of Norway’s moderately well-known early industrial/rock band Holy Toy. On his solo releases, starting with 1987’s Drowning But Learning, however, he’s pursued a cut’n’paste approach that’s quietly but confidently created some amazing music. His use of classical music and concrete elements has been particularly striking, but he’ll just as happily slip into a medieval folk song or some grinding post-punk indie rock. Years before samplers were affordable, he was lobbing everything into the mix. This debut was notable, too, for its neat packaging, as it comes inside an oversized screen printed padded bag. Note that tracks 3–6 on side two all run together.

1. Witchwood
2. War Fields
3. Those Grey Cats Invisible
4. Karius & Baktus
5. New Water

1. The Entrance
2. World in Strike
3. Drowning but Learning
4. The Heat
5. Accident
6. Veil and Mere
7. Beginning

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Drop – Beat Bytes

12″, Beat Bytes, 1987

More mid-80s turntable cut-ups from anonymous creators. The Scratchmasters boot credited this to DJ Head. Possibly aka Pete Smith. Or maybe Cesare, sometime KLF/JAMMs DJ. We’ve seen this credited to all three and more besides. When we bought it, it was tagged by the record store guys as “Beat Bite” by Drop. Whatever it’s called, this is in essence a massive mash-up of every classic early Public Enemy track. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 200 copies only. More information very gratefully received.

UPDATE And after we posted this first time around, we received that info too…

Chez (DJ Cesare) here just flying through… It’s actually “Beat Bytes” by Drop, released as a white label promo in 1988. Drop were DJ Cesare with engineer Pete Smith. It was recorded ‘live’ using only 2 turntables and a mixer, layering beats and scratches onto an 8 track tape machine in Gee Street Records’ basement.

There you go, straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Thanks, Chez! You’re the man.

A. Burn the Place pt 1 (5:56)
B. Burn the Place pt 2 (6:03)

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DJ Mega-Mix vols. 1-4

Years before mash-ups, there were DJ cut ups. Double Dee & Steinski and Coldcut, of course, are well known. But also there was the DJ Mega-Mix series of one-sided twelves – seven minutes of cool beats cut up with whatever was laying to hand, it seemed. And remarkably, the first release was actually the dance music debut of Norman (Fatboy Slim) Cook, at the time still just the bass player with the very indiepop Housemartins.

DJ Mega-Mix vol 1: The Finest Ingredients, 12″, 1986 • Discogs

DJ Mega-Mix vol 2: Very Interesting, 12″, 1986 • Discogs

DJ Mega-Mix vol 3: In Full Effect, 12″, 1987 • Discogs

DJ Mega-Mix vol 4: Out to Kill, 12″, 1987 • Discogs

Get all four ZSK2S

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Kid 606/Tigerboy – Attitude


7″, V/Vm Test Recordings, 2000

Insert descriptive text here.

[Insert smiley here.]

A. Kid 606 – Straight Outta Compton (MC DSP Mix) (3:52)
B. Tigerboy – With Attitude (4:21)

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Culturcide – Santa Claus Was My Lover

7″, no label, 1986

Blah blah christmas spirit blah blah best of the the fucking Noughties blah blah fuck Christmas blah blah bastard pop pre-sampling voiceover rattle blah blah Michael Jackson blah blah. Breaking news: Santa Claus is dead.

A. Santa Claus Was My Lover (4:49)
B. Depressed Christmas (2:31)

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The Osmonds – One Bad Apple (Norman Cook Remix)

12″ promo, Polydor, 1996

Semi-legendary mash-up reworking of the Osmonds’ Jackson 5-alike pop classic by the man who was not yet Fatboy Slim. Watch out for “Oops Upside Your Head” and a guest appearance by Scooby-Doo. Stefan only bought this in a Virgin Megastore back in the day, as a sealed and information-free twelve (just that Donny stamp), cos it was stuffed in the Coco Steel & Lovebomb section – presumably the staff there thought it was a promo of their “Crucifixion of Donny” EP (watch out for that one some day too).

The b-sides are the regular versions, but we ripped them for completeness. Geeks. Meanwhile, who’d have thought the epic metal freakout that was and indeed is “Crazy Horses” was only 2:32 long?

A. One Bad Apple (Norman Cook Remix) (5:53)
B1. One Bad Apple (2:46)
B2. Crazy Horses (2:32)

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Various/Tim Sweeney – Rvng Prsnts Mx3

Mix CD, Rvng Intl, 2005

Rvng‘s ongoing series of limited run mix CDs are like your sub-zero cooler-than-thou mate taking his vast record collection and rubbing it ferociously all over your ears, while shouting, “See, see, I’m so much trendier than you”. (Yes, just like listening to LCD Soundsystem then.) It was a toss-up for posting between this one and Twitch’s anarcho-punk fuelled #6. Check this sucker out anyway, see what we mean.

01. Unknown – Intro (2:44)
02. Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (7:20)
03. Can – Vitamin C (UNKLE Remix) (4:21)
04. Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love (3:00)
05. Aphex Twin – bbydhyonchord (1:53)
06. Tones on Tail – Performance (2:46)
07. Radiohead – Idioteque (3:17)
08. Cybotron – Techno City (3:09)
09. Kraftwerk – Numbers (1:55)
10. LFO – Nurture (2:59)
11. Scrappy – Freeze (2:26)
12. Fingers Inc. – A Path (2:59)
13. Psychonauts – Magnetic (3:19)
14. Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye (2:35)
15. Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out (3:50)
16. Grace Jones – Walking in the Rain (3:01)
17. Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice (2:55)
18. MU – Let’s Get Sick (3:55)
19. Zongamin – Painless (2:23)
20. Carl Craig – Climax (9:23)
21. Cat Power – Free/Harry South – The Sweeney Theme (6:30)

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