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The Moody Boys – Journey Into Dubland


12″, XL, 1990

Fulfilling request.

a1. Dub Me Right (8:19)
a2. Free (5:20)
b1. Lion Dance (5:23)
b2. Pumpin Dumpin (5:44)
b3. AUN (3:51)

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Leo Anibaldi – Muta

CD, ACV, 1993

Italian technohead Leo Anibaldi inhabited the grey interzone between deep acid techno and the burgeoning (early 90s) dark ambient scene that was really just good old industrial music with the beats removed. Some of this stuff has to our ears echoes of earlier industrial glories such as SPK’s Leichenshrei, only, y’know, with beats and perhaps a little less flesh-stripping chemical warfare. Eerie yet toe-tapping, what’s not to like?

He made a couple of albums for ACV, of which this is the second after Cannibald, and then Void for the mighty Rephlex label. There’s a useful collection from all three of these, including Muta, called (with some hyperbole) Classics ’90-95 knocking around, and Anibaldi returned to public view with a download album a few years back called 2000 Cuts. You should buy it.

01. Part 1 (6:10)
02. Part 2 (10:59)
03. Part 3 (6:36)
04. Part 4 (6:20)
05. Part 5 (5:21)
06. Part 6 (5:21)
07. Part 7 (7:24)
08. Part 8 (5:03)
09. Part 9 (7:47)

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Acen – Close Your Eyes / Trip II the Moon

The lights circle the heaving dancefloor like swooping angels. The crowd flail wildly as the bassline drops deep, a physical pummeling in your stomach and lower. The snares skitter from both sides, now forward, now back. Synth lines buzz and screech, sending spiralling trails of synaesthetic colour across your E-addled vision. It’s rising, coalescing, everything coming together in a thunderous wall of sound that threatens like a stormfront to break, to break, to… “Here comes the sun… here comes the sun…” sings George Harrison as all the golden scans come on at once, every hand in the place shoots skywards and the top of everyone’s head lifts clean off, in response to the most glorious E-friendly sample drop of all time.

Welcome Acen, aka Syed Razvi, producer of legendary early hardcore classics “Close Your Eyes” and the epic three volumes of “Trip II the Moon”. You’ll find a few of these sides on compilations, and a couple (without that joyous Beatles sample on “Optikonfusion”, unsurprisingly) made it onto the disappointing album 75 Minutes. If you want it, seven mixes of “Window in the Sky” and all, you’ll find it turns up online from time to time. What follows, though, are the real shit.

All are new 320 rips from original twelves; any crackles are merely authentic souvenirs of a wild, wild time.

Close Your Eyes, 12″, Production House PNT034, 1991

a. Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)
b. Close Your Eyes (Vitamin E Mix)

Close Your Eyes Remixes, 12″, Production House PNT034R, 1991

a. Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!)
b. Close Your Eyes (The Sequel)

Discogs pt1 pt2

Trip II the Moon pt1, 12″, Production House PNT042, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon
b. Obsessed

Trip II the Moon pt2, 12″, Production House PNT042R, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon (The Darkside)
b. The Life and Crimes of a Ruffneck

Trip II the Moon – Kaleidoscopiklimax, 12″, Production House PNT042RX, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax)
b. Obsessed II (Pictures of Silence)

The whole of the moon: ZSDF • Discogs pt1 pt2 pt3

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400 Blows – Beat the Devil


7″, Concrete Productions, 1982

A doomy little charmer. Cast your minds back… back… way baaaacck into pop history, to a time when “industrial” didn’t mean hammering drum machines and metal guitars. This little darling, poised pretty much exactly between 23 Skidoo and Cabaret Voltaire, is especially tasty in its swampy, bass-heavy b-side version. Later they went more housey dancey, as did so many of the early industrial culture types, and then metamorphosed into acts like The Moody Boys and founded BPM and Warrior Records. Check out the inner sleeve’s playlist (in the archive) for a preview of where they would try to take their sound. Not quite the NWW list, eh?

A. Beat the Devil
B. The Beat Continues

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Telepathy – Jungle Dons

CD, Breakdown, 1995

A classic Breakdown d&b comp for you. More reposts to follow.

01. Telepathy Crew – Expand Your Mind (4:48)
02. Ray Keith – Rinse (4:24)
03. Hype – Doomed To Fail (4:51)
04. Krome & Time – Original Juggling (4:01)
05. Roni Size & DJ Die – Friday Nite (5:34)
06. DJ Rap – Universal Mind (4:37)
07. Bizzy B & Pugwash – Just a Little Crew (5:04)
08. DJ Dextrous – Nice ‘n’ Slow (5:15)
09. Marvellous Cain – Killer (4:54)
10. Grooverider – Next of Kin (4:17)
11. Devious D – Number One Sound (4:24)
12. L Double Presents Deadly D – Mi Nar ‘Fraid 5:13)
13. DJ SS – Niceness (5:06)
14. Roni Size – Cool Calm Collected (5:23)
15. Brian G – Badman (4:48)
16. L Double Presents Twice Around – Within Limits (4:54)

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