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Robert Redford – The Language & Music of the Wolves


LP, Tonsil/Natural History Magazine, 1971

In a fit of extreme cute, T’s young daughter once described her dad’s music collection as being made up purely of “wild wolf sounds”. So next time, he played her side 2 of this soundtrack to an early 1970s US documentary about wolves and their cries.

The Wolf You Never Knew (14:22)

Sounds of the Wolf (19:40)
[ Opening Howl/First Growls of Wolf Pups Inside the Den/Pup Howls – Spring & Fall – Contrasted With Adult/Barking/Series of 3 Adjacent Single Howls/Comparative Difference in Howls/Single Howls Joined to Give Illusion of Pack Howl/Combined Sounds of the Wolf/Distant & Close-Up Howling Ending in Group Howl/Series of Group Howls/Joint Group Howl ]

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Sequential – Sequential


CD, Fax, 1993

Most beloved of all of Pete Namlook’s trance-techno sides, the twelve inch of “Sequential” by Sequential, made with DJ Criss and given a wide release on Rising High, remains a stone-cold classic. It liberally borrows its squiggly atmospheric opening from the first Red Planet twelve, but when those majestic synth chords kick in and the bass starts to bubble, and then that choir starts tickling your synapses, it’s the start of a delicious strobelit trip. The accompanying album was harder to find, though many of its ambient-trance grooves up across various other twelves.

01. Sequential (6:51)
02. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea (6:59)
03. A Trip to Paradise (9:24)
04. Sonne (5:23)
05. Saturn Cruises (11:29)
06. Duane Sky (5:36)
07. X-Ray Delta One (8:28)
08. Ambient Block – Sequenchill/Mission Control #2/Lost in the Sea (15:57)
09. Everything is Under Control (6:48)

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The Necks – Five live shows

Every Necks performance is unique. Luckily, here are five live sets, spanning ten years. Go to the band website and find out the next time they’re going to be in your town.

Collector – The Basement, Sydney, 24 February 2004. Link ZSLink K2S.

Arcane – Second set, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, 16 Feb 2005. Link ZSLink K2S.

Locksmith – First set, The Vortex, London, 20 May 2009. Link ZSLink K2S.

Ventricle – Second set, The Vortex, London, 20 May 2009. Link ZSLink K2S.

The Lake – Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 3 October 2014 – plus an interview with drummer Tony Buck. Link ZSLink K2S.

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Absolute Zero


CD, Charrm, 2000

Perfect method-listening at this chill time of year, a delicate mix of frozen electronics and half-heard beats from some of our favourite millennial types. Wrap up warm, drink plenty of fluids.

1. Biosphere – Superfluid (7:23)
2. Zoviet*France – Sifr (10:53)
3. Monolake – Frost (6:54)
4. Hallucinator – Messenger (6:26)
5. Jiri.ceiver – A.Haiku 0 (0:59)
6. Disinformation – Absolute Zero (5:00)
7. Hazard – Still (8:25)
8. Gescom – Around Absolute Zero (6:55)

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Artifice #5 magazine


CD/magazine, Artifice, 1996

Artifice appears to have been a short-lived British arts magazine of the mid-90s. Mixing a 120-page colour book with a CD/CD-rom containing music, short films and assorted files like experimental fonts, all in a nifty transparent plastic clamshell, it ran for only a short while – indeed, this may have been its last issue. Fairly certain this was bought in the graphic design section of a London or NYC bookshop; maybe it never even made it to record stores? A brief online search reveals a few other issues for sale, for rather stupid money. Some people, eh? Just the audio components here, including some rare Burnt Friedmann (as Drome, but sounding far more like the much later Nu-Dub Players stuff) and a lovely Scanner track that actually reminded us what he was capable of.

NB. Audio comes as one 28 minute track. Feel free to separate it all out and repost in the comments yadda yadda.

01. Phillipe Cam – Le Chariot
02. Woman, 37, Albanian – ext.3
03. Scanner – Verb
04. Student, 17, English – ext.4
05. Phillipe Cam – Le Rap de Giaco
06. Farmer, 47, Albanian – ext.5
07. Possible Music – He Said He Cared
08. Student, 17, English – ext.6
09. Drome – Moon On My Screen

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Plant Bach Ofnus – Symudiad Ymddangosol y Lleuad


Tape, Direction Music, 1990

The “Timid Little Children” were a Welsh pair, Gorwel and Fiona Owen, who released just a single derived from one of their two John Peel sessions, a further beat-heavy twelve incher on Ankst that Peel caned for a while, and this magnificently dreamy tape for the ever-essential Direction. Superb stuff that, like so much on Direction, should really be out on a smartly remastered CD for all to enjoy. Ah well.

Four tracks, devoted to the phases of the moon, ranging from echoing drones to underwater-Cocteaus shoegaze shimmers. For actual track titles, though, you’ll have to see the tape inlay – they be wordless astronomical symbols.

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Taurus – Brain Music™

Tape, self-released, 198something

Ever since the history of mankind, music was created for various purposes.

The BRAIN MUSIC™ is a very special and advanced music. It was created by highly sophisticated computer engineers, and was specially designed to be in perfect harmony with your brain.

The ultimate way to listen to this very special music is to lie comfortably on your back in your bedroom, close your eyes, listen to the music and enjoy a wonderful pleasent [sic] feeling.

A MUST for every thinking person. Try it.

We need say no more.

01. Brain Music part 1 (25:14)
02. Brain Music part 2 (22:10)

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Howard J Davidson – Discoveries Underwater

LP/CD, BBC, 1988

Here’s some sleepy sub-aquatic television soundtrack music, as used in the documentary of the same name made by the BBC. It’s licensed from Ocean Disques, more usually a new age label, of the sort you see with their own little electronic display in craft shops and garden tool stores, but we think this transcends the usual beige dribbling. YMMV.

Incidentally, Discogs suggests this is the same Howard Davidson who conducted the orchestra on Gavin Bryars’ orginal Obscure label recording of The Sinking of the Titanic but we’re not totally convinced. Any thoughts?

A1. B’breath (Theme from Discoveries Underwater)
A2. Panarea
A3. (As a Mark of Respect) No one Shall Enter the Ship
B1. Aqua Sub Aqua
B2. Isle Royal
B3. Atocha
B4. Truk Lagoon

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Paul Nagle – Chimera

Tape, Soft Room, 1982

Thirty years ago, Paul Nagle was one of the leading lights in British cosmic synth music. With several dozen self-released tapes to his name, and almost as many compilation appearances (the Flowmotion album or Third Mind’s Visions comp perhaps being the most noteworthy), his lush Berlin School-inspired keyboard workouts walked the fine line between sweet and severe. Truth be told, too often they fell on the wrong side, with many tracks named after episodes from Lord of the Rings or fantasy games. Which means that most of that early stuff is unjustly overlooked – just look at all those titles listed on Discogs, barely heard. There was a reissue of his first two tapes by Vinyl-on-Demand a year or so back, but that was all.

More recently Paul has been playing out as part of synth outfits like Cosmic Smokers and the Joint Intelligence Committee, which are more modern in sound, and thus less interesting to us at least. With all things Krautrock and cosmic synthy – and New Age slush too – being rediscovered by a new generation of hipsters, perhaps his time will come too.

A1. Metal Water
A2. 732 and 815
A3. The Ultiman
A4. Marid
A5. Bedenke Ich Bin
B1. Chimera
B2. Cerin Amroth
B3. Fallow
B4. Phaeta
B5. Firvulag

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The Sea of Wires – Individually Screened

Cassette, Sea of Wires, 1980

Coventry, England, synthesizer duo The Sea of Wires were another shadowy outfit from the electronic Dark Ages, those very early 1980s, just as synths started to get smaller and more affordable. Releasing just a few self-released tapes and making a couple of compilation appearances, Chris Jones and compadre Tony “T” Murphy mostly relied on beat-free sequencer pulses with something of a Kraut influence, plus the occasional nod to the past glories of the Radiophonic Workshop. Since this tape is SOW #2, we’ve always hoped that there was a #1, to add to their 1983 follow-up and Chris J’s solo tape. A few years later and they’d have been on ICR or Direction, I suspect, and more widely known and loved. Anyway, enjoy this one at least.

A1. Invincible
A2. Seascape
A3. Is the New Man Human
A4. Return of the Captain
B1. Robot Dance
B2. An Endless Rainy Day
B3. Breathing
B4. Viking

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