Hanadensha – The Golden Age of Heavy Blood


LP/CD, Alchemy, 1988

According to Discogs, Hanadensha means “flower car”, which is both a train carriage reserved for women only (well, we do hear stories about Japanese males) … and that delicate little lady garden than women (and those selfsame men) like to play with.

All we really know is that they were founded by Hira when he left the Boredoms, feature Yojiru from the Vooredoms, and later Masato Yokota from the almighty Corrupted, and in their ten year life made three albums and three EPs of wildly desirable super-amplified racket that got ever more psychedelic. And their debut come come all wrapped up with a motherfucking massive cow on the cover, like some demented acid-Kraut monstrosity on Ohr or Brain from 1972. It’s more “garage band” than that moo-face cover implies, as it turns out, with sections that you might even describe as “rock” amidst all the screaming and very loud guitars. The man T suggested, “File under: Mainliner’s support act” and that sums ’em up nicely.

The CD additionally features their two contributions to the delirious Alchemy compilation Young Person’s Guide To West Psychedelia. And yes, your memory isn’t deceiving you, they were on the first volume of that Japan Bashing series we posted.

1. Future Deadlock (3:37)
2. Bad Tube (6:04)
3. Hot Cake (5:32)
4. Blossom Body (5:47)
5. Blood Star (12:53)
6. Mary Mary Mary (9:49)
7. Headspinningdizzyblues (4:09) cd bonus
8. Heavensucker (9:06) cd bonus

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The Necks – Five live shows

Every Necks performance is unique. Luckily, here are five live sets, spanning ten years. Go to the band website and find out the next time they’re going to be in your town.

Collector – The Basement, Sydney, 24 February 2004. Link ZSLink K2S.

Arcane – Second set, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, 16 Feb 2005. Link ZSLink K2S.

Locksmith – First set, The Vortex, London, 20 May 2009. Link ZSLink K2S.

Ventricle – Second set, The Vortex, London, 20 May 2009. Link ZSLink K2S.

The Lake – Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 3 October 2014 – plus an interview with drummer Tony Buck. Link ZSLink K2S.

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Leo Anibaldi – Muta

CD, ACV, 1993

Italian technohead Leo Anibaldi inhabited the grey interzone between deep acid techno and the burgeoning (early 90s) dark ambient scene that was really just good old industrial music with the beats removed. Some of this stuff has to our ears echoes of earlier industrial glories such as SPK’s Leichenshrei, only, y’know, with beats and perhaps a little less flesh-stripping chemical warfare. Eerie yet toe-tapping, what’s not to like?

He made a couple of albums for ACV, of which this is the second after Cannibald, and then Void for the mighty Rephlex label. There’s a useful collection from all three of these, including Muta, called (with some hyperbole) Classics ’90-95 knocking around, and Anibaldi returned to public view with a download album a few years back called 2000 Cuts. You should buy it.

01. Part 1 (6:10)
02. Part 2 (10:59)
03. Part 3 (6:36)
04. Part 4 (6:20)
05. Part 5 (5:21)
06. Part 6 (5:21)
07. Part 7 (7:24)
08. Part 8 (5:03)
09. Part 9 (7:47)

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Brian Patten & Friends – Vanishing Trick


LP, Tangent, 1976

Ostensibly a limited-appeal record, of the Liverpool poet reading his often wry and poignant verse over an occasional musical backing… turns out to be a veritable who’s who of the great and good of the 1970s UK folk scene. Check out those accomplices: Richard & Linda Thompson, Norma Winston, Mike Westbrooke, Neil Innes, and many more.

And it’s all on Tangent, one of our favourite collectible labels of the time. Very tasty. Now, if anyone also has Patten’s 1969 record on Caedmon, Brian Patten Reading his Poetry, lying around…

01. Sometimes it Happens
02. Embroidered Butterflies
03. A Creature to Tell the Time By
04. The Wrong Poem
05. After Frost
06. You Missed the Sunflowers at Their Height
07. Seascape
08. Somewhere Between Heaven & Woolworth’s

01. Selections from Vanishing Trick
(Love Poem; On Time for Once; You Have Gone to Sleep; Vanishing Trick; Dressed; A Blade of Grass; One Reason for Sympathy; Song About Home; Assassination of the Morning; Suitcase Full of Dust; Simple Lyric; No Taxis are Available; Reading Between the Graffiti; A Drop of Unclouded Blood; I Tried to Find my Voice; One Another’s Night)

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Henri Chopin – Audiopoems


LP, Tangent, 1971

To quote the Discogs summary: “Henri Chopin (1922, Paris, France – January 3, 2008, England, United Kingdom) is an avant-garde poet and musician. Henri Chopin is a little-known but key figure of the French avant-garde during the second half of the 20th century. Known primarily as a concrete and sound poet, he created a large body of pioneering recordings using early tape recorders, studio technologies and the sounds of the manipulated human voice. His emphasis on sound is a reminder that language stems as much from oral traditions as from classic literature, of the relationship of balance between order and chaos.”

What they said.

Incidentally, there is another LP, a tape and a CD all bearing the title Audiopoems in Chopin’s Discography; they are different releases entirely. If you got ’it…

This was released on the lovely, lovely Tangent label. Tangent is a hard label to collect. We only have a others, notably the early Ann(e)a Lockwood record Glass World – we were all set to rip our mint copy of that one too when T. spotted it was reissued as part of her Early Works CD, and as you know we try not to post in-print discs. We’d really love some more Tangent, and have another one on the way. Anyone else ripping any? Even the Isla St Clair record?

A1. New Departure (4:39)
A2. La Peur (First Movement) (17:10)
B. Pleuralité (25:50)

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Absolute Zero


CD, Charrm, 2000

Perfect method-listening at this chill time of year, a delicate mix of frozen electronics and half-heard beats from some of our favourite millennial types. Wrap up warm, drink plenty of fluids.

1. Biosphere – Superfluid (7:23)
2. Zoviet*France – Sifr (10:53)
3. Monolake – Frost (6:54)
4. Hallucinator – Messenger (6:26)
5. Jiri.ceiver – A.Haiku 0 (0:59)
6. Disinformation – Absolute Zero (5:00)
7. Hazard – Still (8:25)
8. Gescom – Around Absolute Zero (6:55)

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Artifice #5 magazine


CD/magazine, Artifice, 1996

Artifice appears to have been a short-lived British arts magazine of the mid-90s. Mixing a 120-page colour book with a CD/CD-rom containing music, short films and assorted files like experimental fonts, all in a nifty transparent plastic clamshell, it ran for only a short while – indeed, this may have been its last issue. Fairly certain this was bought in the graphic design section of a London or NYC bookshop; maybe it never even made it to record stores? A brief online search reveals a few other issues for sale, for rather stupid money. Some people, eh? Just the audio components here, including some rare Burnt Friedmann (as Drome, but sounding far more like the much later Nu-Dub Players stuff) and a lovely Scanner track that actually reminded us what he was capable of.

NB. Audio comes as one 28 minute track. Feel free to separate it all out and repost in the comments yadda yadda.

01. Phillipe Cam – Le Chariot
02. Woman, 37, Albanian – ext.3
03. Scanner – Verb
04. Student, 17, English – ext.4
05. Phillipe Cam – Le Rap de Giaco
06. Farmer, 47, Albanian – ext.5
07. Possible Music – He Said He Cared
08. Student, 17, English – ext.6
09. Drome – Moon On My Screen

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The Blue Nile – Live in New York, 23rd June 1990

Live 1990

Talk about a reverent hush… “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

1. A Walk Across the Rooftops
2. Tinseltown in the Rain
3. Heatwave
4. Over the Hillside
5. Stay
6. Easter Parade
7. (interlude)
8. The Downtown Lights
9. Saturday Night

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Man Jumping

After our Regular Music round-up, we turned our attention to another minimalism-goes-rock band on our lengthy Rip Me list, formed by several members of Lost Jockey when Andrew Poppy wandered off to sign to ZTT, Man Jumping. Despite releases on not-exactly-obscure labels such as EG and Bill Nelson’s Cocteau, their brand of… swampy angular postpunkfunk workouts with a slightly too 80s production but pleasingly an occasional Steve Reich influence buried in the mix … is desperately hard to find these days. Yet another candidate for the Come On, Chaps, This Would Make a Lovely Double CD Set category. We mean, if Random Hold can do it, surely…

Jumpcut, LP, Cocteau, 1984

A1. In the Jungle
A2. World Service
A3. Aerotropics
A4. Belle Dux on the Beach
B1. Walk On, Bye
B2. Squeezi
B3. Down the Locale

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Aerotropics (Remix), 12″, Cocteau, 1985

A. Aerotropics (Remix) (6:48)
B. In the Jungle (Remix) (8:05)

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World Service, LP/CD, Editions EG, 1987

01. The Perils of Tourism (5:54)
02. The Trouble is Is (5:46)
03. The Big Swing (6:17)
04. Something in the City (6:46)
05. On the Rocks (7:45)
06. It’s Been Fun (7:12)
07. The Wedding (8:30)

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Mark Shreeve – Pulsar


CD, Bruton Music, 1991

At first we didn’t quite believe a friend who suggested that, once one started heading into the outer zone of record collecting known as Library Music, only madness remained. But how could it be otherwise – a whole secret new world of releases, only ever sold to radio stations and advertising houses, some made by your absolute favourite experimental musicians. Some come for the breakbeats, throwing down two hundred bucks for a 1968 collection of besuited white guy session musicians creating background pads for an episode of a BBC cop show in the hope of nabbing a funky, loopable middle-8. Others (like us, we confess) come from the Radiophonic Workshop end, lured in by those deeply freaky homemade Daphne O and Delia D miniatures, and keep on dabbling – though all the time knowing that the newer the disc, the far less likely it is to have been made by tapping on a metal lampshade with a pen and reversing the sound of someone dropping a handbell into a trashcan.

Plenty of musicians stride the line between commercial releases and library discs. Anne (Art of Noise) Dudley’s are a favourite around here, as are David (White Noise) Vorhaus’ rather pricier 70s pieces. Synthesist Mark Shreeve is one of several in his oeuvre who have made an equal number of library and regular releases. The example here is typical – fourteen tracks of solid modern synthesiser soundtrack themes, that are then re-presented in 59 second and 29 second versions for use on adverts and film clips. Several blogs in our links list at the bottom of the page specialise in Library music, old and new, rare and dogshit. Just say no, kids.

1. Synthesis 1 (5:38)
2. Synthesis 2 (3:42)
3. Prototype 1 (4:28)
4. Prototype 2 (4:28)
5. Pulsar 1 (4:02)
6. Pulsar 2 (4:03)
7. Polar Star 1 (2:22)
8. Polar Star 2 (2:18)
9. Technomotion 1 (4:50)
10. Technomotion 2 (4:12)
11. Supernova (4:31)
12. Stadium (7:41)
13. Quasar 1 (5:58)
14. Quasar 2 (1:39)

15. Synthesis (0:59)
16. Prototype (0:59)
17. Pulsar (0:59)
18. Polar Star (0:59)
19. Technomotion (0:59)
20. Supernova (0:59)
21. Stadium (0:59)
22. Quasar (0:59)

23. Synthesis (0:29)
24. Prototype (0:29)
25. Pulsar (0:29)
26. Polar Star (0:29)
27. Technomotion (0:29)
28. Supernova (0:29)
29. Stadium (0:29)
30. Quasar (0:29)

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