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The current state of this blog and its many links is as follows. In brief, she dead.

• April 2015 — Entropic slowdown is quite natural. Look up the second theory of Thermodynamics and the inevitable heath-death of the universe. Can’t promise re-ups, reactivation or anything right now. See you out in the sunshines.

• January 2015 — Ooh look, a new post snuck out. Wonder if anybody noticed.

• December 14 — Many files getting re-ups, using Zippy and Keep2Share. Occasionally we’re finding still-live DepFile and Mediafire links so we’re keeping those active too. More to follow. New blog design. Some text descriptions updated, others not so much. Lots more to come. We must be drunk. Ho fucking ho.

• June 13 — No, this isn’t really happening at all, is it? Such is the way of blogging – a great rush of enthusiasm, then real fucking life gets in the way, all lifey-like. All links will remain as live as we can manage until we decide what to do next.

• December 12 — Cleaning up, blowing off the cobwebs, pulling off the dust sheets. Three old posts still live. Bunch of re-ups now happening. Stupidly excited to be back. Fools that we are.

• October 11 — Utterly fucked by the Megaupload takedown. Uh-oh.

• August 11 — Back, but distracted. We’ll update when we can can.

late June 11 — We’re busy doing other stuff for a month or so. In short, T goes from the US to Canada; S goes from an apartment to a house across London. Anyone got any spare boxes, maybe 12″ by 12″? About 600?

• November 10 — Thanks to some frustrated d/lers we’ve discovered Megaupload only allow access to some of our files to recipients who are logged in. It seems to happen randomly. It sucks. Where we spot them, we will re-up elsewhere as soon as we know. We do hope MU isn’t going all RapidSuck on us.

• October 10 — DJ Cesare popped by to clear up the mystery behind the DJ Head record.

• September 10 — We broke 200,000 unique visitors. You fine people fill our heart with pride, or something warm and squishy like that. THX.

• September 10 — Back again, like a bad penny, or more properly two bad pennies. Or one bad pfennig/cent and one bad penny. Or more like two bad mice. Maybe.

• August 10 –- Away. While we’re gone, track down and buy the new edition of Günter Schickert’s Samtvögel. Go on.

• July 10 — Updated the blog roll. Loads more great blogs, not too many recent casualties. Hydra principle officially observed – every time they cut off one of our heads, two grow back to replace them.

• July 10 — Everything’s groovy. All links are live. All of them — though you may have to look in Comments or on this page for some of them.

• Oct 09 — We hit 100,000 visitors, 13 months after starting. We are amazed. We offer thanks to all, and start pulling rarities off shelves at an even greater rate. Where possible, most rips now at 320 kbps. And all links remain active – unless you spot something, in which case just comment to that effect in the nearest post.

• Sept 09 — We are backakckkackkkk. And we’ve sorted a better Zip-creator that takes into account the funny idiosyncracies of those PC things a minority of you primitive ape-descendants use, so should be less “This archive is corrupt!” – “No it’s not, your decoding software is just a bit useless” kind of discussions.

• August 09 — We’re away. Because we have friends like you.

• End of Feb 09 — Dicked around with the design a bit. Because we could.

• Dec 08 — General decoding tip: if you’re on a PC, and just double-clicking on the archives and getting an error or “file unreadable” message, apparently “Repair Archive” works.

• Dec 08 — In the words of the almighty and all the hosts of saints, We Are Back.

• Early November 08 — We Are Away — We are touring the occupied territories till November 11th. Peace and goodwill to everyone.

• 31 August 2008 — Turns out we started a sharity blog. Aren’t we the bees’ knees?

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