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The Residents – The Beatles Play the Residents & the Residents Play the Beatles


7″, Ralph, 1977

Nice early mop top sample mash-up (just a few short decades before The Grey Album, et al) from the Third Reich’n’Roll funsters. Limited edition of 500 – what’s your number, chum?

a. Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life (3:56)
b. Flying (3:22)

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World Power Alliance

Short-run trilogy of releases from the legendary Underground Resistance, with each of the three main members of the radical techno gang exploring a particular theme across a trio of one-sided concept twelves, the flips each covered with all manner of etched nonsense. Here’s the, um, concept:

“The World Power Alliance was designed to bring the worlds minds together, to combat the medicore audio and visual programming being fed to the inhabitants of Earth, this programming is stagnating the minds of the people, building a wall between races and world peace. This wall must be destroyed, and it will fall.

By using the untapped energy potential of sound, the W.P.A. will smash this wall much the same as certain frequencies shatter the glass.

Brothers of the underground, transmit your tones and frequencies from all locations of this world and wreak havoc on the programmers.


That’s all drivel of the highest order, of course, but this is still heavy pounding UR techno at its finest and well worthy of your attention.


(Mike Banks), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. Kamikaze (5:52)



(Jeff Mills), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. The Seawolf (5:43)



(Robert Hood), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. Belgian Resistance (6:19)


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Verto – Krig/Volubilis


LP, Pôle, 1976

Delerious lysergic guitar-centred freakery from the mid-70s, sounding sometimes like a more prog-influenced Chrome. Lead man Jean-Pierre Grasset is backed on this by members of Potemkine, who veer closer to Magma/Zeuhl sounds on their own equally twisty trio of albums from 76-78 (another day, kids). One of only two Verto records (we’ll rip Reel 19.36 another day too – only so many hours etc etc), they could both do with a remastered reissue and far wider attention. Yes, we do say that frequently.

A1. Krig (4:51)
A2. Et Terre (3:31)
A3. Ether (1:08)
A4. Oka (3:59)
A5. Locomo (5:58)
B1. Strato (Incluant Volubilis) (18:29)
B2. TK 240 S 52 (5:38)

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Ravi Shankar & Daniel Hamrol – The Encounter

LP/tape, CBS India, 1989

In 1989, it was “French year” in India, so as part of the cultural exchange between those two great nations, they staged a massive sound & light extravangaza in Bombay, entitled The Encounter. Music for this was another collision of cultural references, namely this extraordinary pile-up between cut-price Jean Michel-Jarre synth’n’Fairlight workouts and Ravi Shankar’s orchestra, including some very noticable sitar from the man himself across part two. There’s a whole load of arrant nonsense on the tape inlay about a creature born of fire, a child of Mother Earth who must something or other to save the world yadda yadda, but it’s drivel with as much rigour as the Disneyland resort 12-minute version of The Lion King.

Bit late for New Age’s prime time, but spot on for all you new hippy kids turned on by Emeralds, Oneohtrix, and Dophins from the Future. Seek it out on tape for extra cred, sockless hipster scum.

A. The Encounter part 1 (35:10)
B. The Encounter part 2 (34:55)

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The Scam – Scam vol 2

12″, Scam, 1988-ish

Cut-up hip-hop from London DJ Richie Rich, very much in the vein of early Coldcut – right down to running “King of the Swingers” over the “Funky Drummer” break as the latter do on “Say Kids!”… but which came first. A fun anonymous white label, circa 1988. this is perhaps more of a historical artefact these days than anything else.

A. Bass (5:17)
B. Rebel Groove (5:00)

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Robert Redford – The Language & Music of the Wolves


LP, Tonsil/Natural History Magazine, 1971

In a fit of extreme cute, T’s young daughter once described her dad’s music collection as being made up purely of “wild wolf sounds”. So next time, he played her side 2 of this soundtrack to an early 1970s US documentary about wolves and their cries.

The Wolf You Never Knew (14:22)

Sounds of the Wolf (19:40)
[ Opening Howl/First Growls of Wolf Pups Inside the Den/Pup Howls – Spring & Fall – Contrasted With Adult/Barking/Series of 3 Adjacent Single Howls/Comparative Difference in Howls/Single Howls Joined to Give Illusion of Pack Howl/Combined Sounds of the Wolf/Distant & Close-Up Howling Ending in Group Howl/Series of Group Howls/Joint Group Howl ]

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Terry Edwards – Plays Salutes & Executes


CD, Stim, 1993

So, we were talking late into the night about our favourite cover versions… and we had a delighted sudden remembrance of the three singular EPs released by British trumpeter and sometime Gallon Drunk guy Terry Edwards in the early 90s sent us scurrying to the racks. Oh happy rediscovery. This collection has all three plus a trio of punk covers. Debate continues to bat back and forth on whether the Mary Chain feedback recreations or the ska-ed up Fall songs are the cream of the crop, but all good, all good. You may also care to check his 1992 Peel session, which saw his motley band play a medley of Napalm Death tunes.

Plays the Music of Jim & William Reid (1991)
01. Never Understand (3:07)
02. Everything’s Alright When You’re Down (2:36)
03. The Hardest Walk (2:24)
04. Break Me Down (2:31)

Salutes the Magic of the Fall (1991)
05. Totally Wired (3:56)
06. Bingomaster’s Breakout (2:48)
07. The Dice Man (1:52)
08. Container Drivers (6:47)

Executes Miles Davis Numbers (1992)
09. Eighty-One (1:24)
10. Four (1:50)
11. Seven Steps to Heaven (1:59)
12. Half Nelson (1:07)

Extra Tracks
13. Version City (3:23)
14. New Rose (2:52)
15. Bodies (2:26)

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Sequential – Sequential


CD, Fax, 1993

Most beloved of all of Pete Namlook’s trance-techno sides, the twelve inch of “Sequential” by Sequential, made with DJ Criss and given a wide release on Rising High, remains a stone-cold classic. It liberally borrows its squiggly atmospheric opening from the first Red Planet twelve, but when those majestic synth chords kick in and the bass starts to bubble, and then that choir starts tickling your synapses, it’s the start of a delicious strobelit trip. The accompanying album was harder to find, though many of its ambient-trance grooves up across various other twelves.

01. Sequential (6:51)
02. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea (6:59)
03. A Trip to Paradise (9:24)
04. Sonne (5:23)
05. Saturn Cruises (11:29)
06. Duane Sky (5:36)
07. X-Ray Delta One (8:28)
08. Ambient Block – Sequenchill/Mission Control #2/Lost in the Sea (15:57)
09. Everything is Under Control (6:48)

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