Friendsound crew

This is not us.Two guys, one purpose – post some stuff from our collections that we’ve not seen anywhere else online. We’re into lots of different stuff, from techno to post-rock to noise to psych to spoken word to industrial to kids’ records to ambient to crime jazz to the far horizon, and everything will get equal airtime. You’ll cope – just come back next week and see what else we dug up.

Two tenets: i) if you can easily buy it somewhere, we really don’t want to post it. If one of our posts worries you, drop us a line via the Comments function. We are very happy to consider requests to remove posts and do the honourable thing.

And ii) if someone else posted it recently on a blog, we don’t post it. So yeah, that sometimes means it looks like we’re boosting a lesser record from somebody than they deserve to be known for. If that’s the case, just remember this sacred mantra: Yes, we know… but the really great ones are available online already, if you know how to find them.

Finally, if you care, we are two guys: Stefan is in the UK most of the time, and has to admit he is grumpy sometimes. Thorsten is a German guy who is currently in Canada and is nicer and has a great sense of humour, no really. We like some of the same shit and sometimes we argue about each other’s posts till we are almost at each other with knives, though that is kind of hard across the oceans. Putting something back in, keeping it all going, doing it for the kids maaan.

Several lovely people have contributed extra tracks to posts, and we love that. A few have sent us their own rips of other rarities and we love that even more. If you want to contribute just send us a link to your files and if they are suitable we’ll do the rest, while you bask in all the glory.

Contact us, for whatever reason, by sticking a Comment onto any post. They’re all moderated so we’ll pick up soon as we spot it. We like comments, but we’re not really doing this for the acclaim, so the day we start whining at you to leave more comments, give us a slap. Thanks.

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