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The Residents – The Beatles Play the Residents & the Residents Play the Beatles


7″, Ralph, 1977

Nice early mop top sample mash-up (just a few short decades before The Grey Album, et al) from the Third Reich’n’Roll funsters. Limited edition of 500 – what’s your number, chum?

a. Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life (3:56)
b. Flying (3:22)

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The Moody Boys – Journey Into Dubland


12″, XL, 1990

Fulfilling request.

a1. Dub Me Right (8:19)
a2. Free (5:20)
b1. Lion Dance (5:23)
b2. Pumpin Dumpin (5:44)
b3. AUN (3:51)

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World Power Alliance

Short-run trilogy of releases from the legendary Underground Resistance, with each of the three main members of the radical techno gang exploring a particular theme across a trio of one-sided concept twelves, the flips each covered with all manner of etched nonsense. Here’s the, um, concept:

“The World Power Alliance was designed to bring the worlds minds together, to combat the medicore audio and visual programming being fed to the inhabitants of Earth, this programming is stagnating the minds of the people, building a wall between races and world peace. This wall must be destroyed, and it will fall.

By using the untapped energy potential of sound, the W.P.A. will smash this wall much the same as certain frequencies shatter the glass.

Brothers of the underground, transmit your tones and frequencies from all locations of this world and wreak havoc on the programmers.


That’s all drivel of the highest order, of course, but this is still heavy pounding UR techno at its finest and well worthy of your attention.


(Mike Banks), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. Kamikaze (5:52)



(Jeff Mills), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. The Seawolf (5:43)



(Robert Hood), 12″, World Power Alliance/UR, 1992

1. Belgian Resistance (6:19)


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