Ravi Shankar & Daniel Hamrol – The Encounter

LP/tape, CBS India, 1989

In 1989, it was “French year” in India, so as part of the cultural exchange between those two great nations, they staged a massive sound & light extravangaza in Bombay, entitled The Encounter. Music for this was another collision of cultural references, namely this extraordinary pile-up between cut-price Jean Michel-Jarre synth’n’Fairlight workouts and Ravi Shankar’s orchestra, including some very noticable sitar from the man himself across part two. There’s a whole load of arrant nonsense on the tape inlay about a creature born of fire, a child of Mother Earth who must something or other to save the world yadda yadda, but it’s drivel with as much rigour as the Disneyland resort 12-minute version of The Lion King.

Bit late for New Age’s prime time, but spot on for all you new hippy kids turned on by Emeralds, Oneohtrix, and Dophins from the Future. Seek it out on tape for extra cred, sockless hipster scum.

A. The Encounter part 1 (35:10)
B. The Encounter part 2 (34:55)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs


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