Robert Redford – The Language & Music of the Wolves


LP, Tonsil/Natural History Magazine, 1971

In a fit of extreme cute, T’s young daughter once described her dad’s music collection as being made up purely of “wild wolf sounds”. So next time, he played her side 2 of this soundtrack to an early 1970s US documentary about wolves and their cries.

The Wolf You Never Knew (14:22)

Sounds of the Wolf (19:40)
[ Opening Howl/First Growls of Wolf Pups Inside the Den/Pup Howls – Spring & Fall – Contrasted With Adult/Barking/Series of 3 Adjacent Single Howls/Comparative Difference in Howls/Single Howls Joined to Give Illusion of Pack Howl/Combined Sounds of the Wolf/Distant & Close-Up Howling Ending in Group Howl/Series of Group Howls/Joint Group Howl ]

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