Hanadensha – The Golden Age of Heavy Blood


LP/CD, Alchemy, 1988

According to Discogs, Hanadensha means “flower car”, which is both a train carriage reserved for women only (well, we do hear stories about Japanese males) … and that delicate little lady garden than women (and those selfsame men) like to play with.

All we really know is that they were founded by Hira when he left the Boredoms, feature Yojiru from the Vooredoms, and later Masato Yokota from the almighty Corrupted, and in their ten year life made three albums and three EPs of wildly desirable super-amplified racket that got ever more psychedelic. And their debut come come all wrapped up with a motherfucking massive cow on the cover, like some demented acid-Kraut monstrosity on Ohr or Brain from 1972. It’s more “garage band” than that moo-face cover implies, as it turns out, with sections that you might even describe as “rock” amidst all the screaming and very loud guitars. The man T suggested, “File under: Mainliner’s support act” and that sums ’em up nicely.

The CD additionally features their two contributions to the delirious Alchemy compilation Young Person’s Guide To West Psychedelia. And yes, your memory isn’t deceiving you, they were on the first volume of that Japan Bashing series we posted.

1. Future Deadlock (3:37)
2. Bad Tube (6:04)
3. Hot Cake (5:32)
4. Blossom Body (5:47)
5. Blood Star (12:53)
6. Mary Mary Mary (9:49)
7. Headspinningdizzyblues (4:09) cd bonus
8. Heavensucker (9:06) cd bonus

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