Leo Anibaldi – Muta

CD, ACV, 1993

Italian technohead Leo Anibaldi inhabited the grey interzone between deep acid techno and the burgeoning (early 90s) dark ambient scene that was really just good old industrial music with the beats removed. Some of this stuff has to our ears echoes of earlier industrial glories such as SPK’s Leichenshrei, only, y’know, with beats and perhaps a little less flesh-stripping chemical warfare. Eerie yet toe-tapping, what’s not to like?

He made a couple of albums for ACV, of which this is the second after Cannibald, and then Void for the mighty Rephlex label. There’s a useful collection from all three of these, including Muta, called (with some hyperbole) Classics ’90-95 knocking around, and Anibaldi returned to public view with a download album a few years back called 2000 Cuts. You should buy it.

01. Part 1 (6:10)
02. Part 2 (10:59)
03. Part 3 (6:36)
04. Part 4 (6:20)
05. Part 5 (5:21)
06. Part 6 (5:21)
07. Part 7 (7:24)
08. Part 8 (5:03)
09. Part 9 (7:47)

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  1. vixen says:

    ohh yea!

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