Brian Patten & Friends – Vanishing Trick


LP, Tangent, 1976

Ostensibly a limited-appeal record, of the Liverpool poet reading his often wry and poignant verse over an occasional musical backing… turns out to be a veritable who’s who of the great and good of the 1970s UK folk scene. Check out those accomplices: Richard & Linda Thompson, Norma Winston, Mike Westbrooke, Neil Innes, and many more.

And it’s all on Tangent, one of our favourite collectible labels of the time. Very tasty. Now, if anyone also has Patten’s 1969 record on Caedmon, Brian Patten Reading his Poetry, lying around…

01. Sometimes it Happens
02. Embroidered Butterflies
03. A Creature to Tell the Time By
04. The Wrong Poem
05. After Frost
06. You Missed the Sunflowers at Their Height
07. Seascape
08. Somewhere Between Heaven & Woolworth’s

01. Selections from Vanishing Trick
(Love Poem; On Time for Once; You Have Gone to Sleep; Vanishing Trick; Dressed; A Blade of Grass; One Reason for Sympathy; Song About Home; Assassination of the Morning; Suitcase Full of Dust; Simple Lyric; No Taxis are Available; Reading Between the Graffiti; A Drop of Unclouded Blood; I Tried to Find my Voice; One Another’s Night)

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4 thoughts on “Brian Patten & Friends – Vanishing Trick

  1. Peter says:

    I believe track 6 on side one is actually called “You missed the sunflowers at their height”?

  2. Simon Fay says:

    No chance of a re-up, I suppose? Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Link is broken. Thank you for all your shares.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Links don’t work. Thanks.

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