Artifice #5 magazine


CD/magazine, Artifice, 1996

Artifice appears to have been a short-lived British arts magazine of the mid-90s. Mixing a 120-page colour book with a CD/CD-rom containing music, short films and assorted files like experimental fonts, all in a nifty transparent plastic clamshell, it ran for only a short while – indeed, this may have been its last issue. Fairly certain this was bought in the graphic design section of a London or NYC bookshop; maybe it never even made it to record stores? A brief online search reveals a few other issues for sale, for rather stupid money. Some people, eh? Just the audio components here, including some rare Burnt Friedmann (as Drome, but sounding far more like the much later Nu-Dub Players stuff) and a lovely Scanner track that actually reminded us what he was capable of.

NB. Audio comes as one 28 minute track. Feel free to separate it all out and repost in the comments yadda yadda.

01. Phillipe Cam – Le Chariot
02. Woman, 37, Albanian – ext.3
03. Scanner – Verb
04. Student, 17, English – ext.4
05. Phillipe Cam – Le Rap de Giaco
06. Farmer, 47, Albanian – ext.5
07. Possible Music – He Said He Cared
08. Student, 17, English – ext.6
09. Drome – Moon On My Screen

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2 thoughts on “Artifice #5 magazine

  1. Icastico says:

    Thanks. The high quality standards ’round here are much appreciated.

  2. Great to find these and your other finds. I contributed to this release so many years ago and have all the CD-ROMS in my archives but no means to play them and they were filled with interesting work.
    Amusing you are sharing my Accretions CD too :-)

    Thanks again for your dedication to the cause of sharing all this material!

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