Man Jumping

After our Regular Music round-up, we turned our attention to another minimalism-goes-rock band on our lengthy Rip Me list, formed by several members of Lost Jockey when Andrew Poppy wandered off to sign to ZTT, Man Jumping. Despite releases on not-exactly-obscure labels such as EG and Bill Nelson’s Cocteau, their brand of… swampy angular postpunkfunk workouts with a slightly too 80s production but pleasingly an occasional Steve Reich influence buried in the mix … is desperately hard to find these days. Yet another candidate for the Come On, Chaps, This Would Make a Lovely Double CD Set category. We mean, if Random Hold can do it, surely…

Jumpcut, LP, Cocteau, 1984

A1. In the Jungle
A2. World Service
A3. Aerotropics
A4. Belle Dux on the Beach
B1. Walk On, Bye
B2. Squeezi
B3. Down the Locale

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Aerotropics (Remix), 12″, Cocteau, 1985

A. Aerotropics (Remix) (6:48)
B. In the Jungle (Remix) (8:05)

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World Service, LP/CD, Editions EG, 1987

01. The Perils of Tourism (5:54)
02. The Trouble is Is (5:46)
03. The Big Swing (6:17)
04. Something in the City (6:46)
05. On the Rocks (7:45)
06. It’s Been Fun (7:12)
07. The Wedding (8:30)

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4 thoughts on “Man Jumping

  1. peter says:

    thanks for this. i remember seeing Man Jumping many years back doing some live accompaniment for a modern dance company. pretty impressive. i loved the first album. i seem to remember eno endorsing them as the most exciting band in the history of everything, but that didn’t help their sales figures much….

  2. Disco Hospital says:

    Excellent…lost (jockey) classics all…difficult to find Jump Cut or the 12″ cheaply second hand, but keep scouring those charity shops…

  3. -sto says:

    thanks for these ones – I knew the regular music lp (because I have that one) and I think I prefer it to man jumping, which is sort of … too jumpy for me :-) on the net there are some cds of jocelyn pook (who was in rm) but after having tasted it I found out that this is not my cup of tea :-)

  4. Basso says:

    The jumpcut album is a total fave here. Thanks for sharing!

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