Robin Guthrie/Various – Drifting AFU

CD, Blast First, 1999

In August of 1999, those fine people from Labradford curated the Second Festival of Drifting at venues in London, Scotland and Paris. To celebrate, a limited-run mix CD by the Cocteaus’ Robin Guthrie was given to attendees. It’s a lovely, sleepy headed little thing, the aural equivalent of a codeine cocktail when you’re full of cold and flu.

As the sleeve notes indicate…

@ certain times artists become more prominent in the DJ mix:
@ 5:34 Silo [Swim], @ 14:28 Silo again, @ 16:11 Labradford [Blast First], @ 20:20 Labradford, @ 20:31 Charlemagne Palestine [Barooni], @ 23:34 Tony Conrad [Tote], @ 25:54 Caspar Brotzmann [RTD], @ 36:11 Sonic Youth [Blast First], @ 38:10 Tony Conrad, @ 41:25 Silo, @ 43:34 Chris ‘N’ Cosey [CTI], @ 46:00 Sonic Youth again, Pan American [Kranky] & Rothko [Foundry] are also in there. All other sounds are Robin Guthrie [Bella Union].

1. Drifting AFU (48.26)

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