Mark Shreeve – Pulsar


CD, Bruton Music, 1991

At first we didn’t quite believe a friend who suggested that, once one started heading into the outer zone of record collecting known as Library Music, only madness remained. But how could it be otherwise – a whole secret new world of releases, only ever sold to radio stations and advertising houses, some made by your absolute favourite experimental musicians. Some come for the breakbeats, throwing down two hundred bucks for a 1968 collection of besuited white guy session musicians creating background pads for an episode of a BBC cop show in the hope of nabbing a funky, loopable middle-8. Others (like us, we confess) come from the Radiophonic Workshop end, lured in by those deeply freaky homemade Daphne O and Delia D miniatures, and keep on dabbling – though all the time knowing that the newer the disc, the far less likely it is to have been made by tapping on a metal lampshade with a pen and reversing the sound of someone dropping a handbell into a trashcan.

Plenty of musicians stride the line between commercial releases and library discs. Anne (Art of Noise) Dudley’s are a favourite around here, as are David (White Noise) Vorhaus’ rather pricier 70s pieces. Synthesist Mark Shreeve is one of several in his oeuvre who have made an equal number of library and regular releases. The example here is typical – fourteen tracks of solid modern synthesiser soundtrack themes, that are then re-presented in 59 second and 29 second versions for use on adverts and film clips. Several blogs in our links list at the bottom of the page specialise in Library music, old and new, rare and dogshit. Just say no, kids.

1. Synthesis 1 (5:38)
2. Synthesis 2 (3:42)
3. Prototype 1 (4:28)
4. Prototype 2 (4:28)
5. Pulsar 1 (4:02)
6. Pulsar 2 (4:03)
7. Polar Star 1 (2:22)
8. Polar Star 2 (2:18)
9. Technomotion 1 (4:50)
10. Technomotion 2 (4:12)
11. Supernova (4:31)
12. Stadium (7:41)
13. Quasar 1 (5:58)
14. Quasar 2 (1:39)

15. Synthesis (0:59)
16. Prototype (0:59)
17. Pulsar (0:59)
18. Polar Star (0:59)
19. Technomotion (0:59)
20. Supernova (0:59)
21. Stadium (0:59)
22. Quasar (0:59)

23. Synthesis (0:29)
24. Prototype (0:29)
25. Pulsar (0:29)
26. Polar Star (0:29)
27. Technomotion (0:29)
28. Supernova (0:29)
29. Stadium (0:29)
30. Quasar (0:29)

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