Rob Preston – Insect Mechanics


Tape, Direction Music, 1996

All hail Direction Music, the mightiest post-industrial/electronic label ever to come out of Anglesey, North Wales. No, really, all hail. Some of their releases were damn fabulous. Maeror Tri’s early outings Sensuum Mendacia and (especially) The Beauty of Solitude are the gold standard in melancholy dark ambient, and have since been reissued on CD. Others, though, are unfairly lost. We’ll prepare Plant Back Ofnus’s tremendous electro-ambient suite on the phases of the moon, Symudiad Ymddangosol Y Lleuad, for reposting here momentarily. Meanwhile… Contrastate, Vidna Obmana, Morphogenesis, NWW, Con Schnitzler – how can you not be licking your lips at the very thought of it all?. And they always had lovely covers, with stuck-on artwork and smartly designed inlays. Sadly, label founder Pete Harrison died back in 2000, but his legacy remains. As a taster, here’s a rare gem, Rob Preston’s jittery explorations of insect sounds and synth drones. It’s a kind of method-ambient; ponder on it too much while listening and you’ll scratch yourself silly (and not in a DJ Shadow kinda way).

1. Chamber Of Clones (6:18 )
2. Silver Y (5:43)
3. The Brutality Of Transformation (4:09)
4. Lunar Underwing (11:39)

1. Allegiance (3:30)
2. Chrysalis Fourteen (6:31)
3. Insect Mechanics (3:49)
4. Construction (9:55)
5. Venus (5:21)

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