When – Drowning but Learning


LP, Witchwood, 1987

Lars Pedersen was a member of Norway’s moderately well-known early industrial/rock band Holy Toy. On his solo releases, starting with 1987’s Drowning But Learning, however, he’s pursued a cut’n’paste approach that’s quietly but confidently created some amazing music. His use of classical music and concrete elements has been particularly striking, but he’ll just as happily slip into a medieval folk song or some grinding post-punk indie rock. Years before samplers were affordable, he was lobbing everything into the mix. This debut was notable, too, for its neat packaging, as it comes inside an oversized screen printed padded bag. Note that tracks 3–6 on side two all run together.

1. Witchwood
2. War Fields
3. Those Grey Cats Invisible
4. Karius & Baktus
5. New Water

1. The Entrance
2. World in Strike
3. Drowning but Learning
4. The Heat
5. Accident
6. Veil and Mere
7. Beginning

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