Fetus Productions – Fetalmania

EP, Flying Nun, 1983

It is traditional, when talking about these noisy New Zealanders, to start with the words “Nothing to do with JG Thirlwell…”. That over and done with, well, how to describe them… Discogs describes them as a “conceptual band”, which makes them sound overly mannered, like Sudden Sway or something. To our ears they’re in the same zone as an Antipodean Savage Republic, mixing shards of post-punk guitar music with occasional barrages of heavy industrial percussion and noise fuckery (two of the band were in an early incarnation of SPK, so that makes sense). They recorded through the 1980s, but only a reissue of this one on Normal made it far beyond their own shores.

a1. I Am a Criminal (5:05)
a2. Utter Frustration (1:49)
a3. Desert Lands (4:58)
b1. What’s Going On (4:53)
b2. State to be in (2:40)
b3. Fetus Productions (4:57)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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