Acen – Close Your Eyes / Trip II the Moon

The lights circle the heaving dancefloor like swooping angels. The crowd flail wildly as the bassline drops deep, a physical pummeling in your stomach and lower. The snares skitter from both sides, now forward, now back. Synth lines buzz and screech, sending spiralling trails of synaesthetic colour across your E-addled vision. It’s rising, coalescing, everything coming together in a thunderous wall of sound that threatens like a stormfront to break, to break, to… “Here comes the sun… here comes the sun…” sings George Harrison as all the golden scans come on at once, every hand in the place shoots skywards and the top of everyone’s head lifts clean off, in response to the most glorious E-friendly sample drop of all time.

Welcome Acen, aka Syed Razvi, producer of legendary early hardcore classics “Close Your Eyes” and the epic three volumes of “Trip II the Moon”. You’ll find a few of these sides on compilations, and a couple (without that joyous Beatles sample on “Optikonfusion”, unsurprisingly) made it onto the disappointing album 75 Minutes. If you want it, seven mixes of “Window in the Sky” and all, you’ll find it turns up online from time to time. What follows, though, are the real shit.

All are new 320 rips from original twelves; any crackles are merely authentic souvenirs of a wild, wild time.

Close Your Eyes, 12″, Production House PNT034, 1991

a. Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)
b. Close Your Eyes (Vitamin E Mix)

Close Your Eyes Remixes, 12″, Production House PNT034R, 1991

a. Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!)
b. Close Your Eyes (The Sequel)

Discogs pt1 pt2

Trip II the Moon pt1, 12″, Production House PNT042, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon
b. Obsessed

Trip II the Moon pt2, 12″, Production House PNT042R, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon (The Darkside)
b. The Life and Crimes of a Ruffneck

Trip II the Moon – Kaleidoscopiklimax, 12″, Production House PNT042RX, 1992

a. Trip II the Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax)
b. Obsessed II (Pictures of Silence)

The whole of the moon: ZSDF • Discogs pt1 pt2 pt3

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9 thoughts on “Acen – Close Your Eyes / Trip II the Moon

  1. amarillo says:

    great batch! thanks a lot.

  2. drew says:

    Cheers for these.

    I have trip pts 2 & 3 on vinyl but yours are in a lot better nick than mines.

  3. bloke says:

    related …

    acen megamix

    This mix was an effort of mine to celebrate those excellent tracks that were both supremely banging but also showed a depth and subtlety that seemed to elude other contemporaries like Rufige Kru and Manix.

    1. Acen – Trip II the Moon part 1
    2. Acen – Trip II the Moon part 2
    3. Acen – Trip II the Moon Kaleidoscopiklimax mix
    4. Acen – Obsessed
    5. Acen – Obsessed II
    6. Acen – Life and Times of a Ruffneck
    7. Acen – Close Your Eyes Optikonfusion!
    8. Acen – Close Your Eyes XXX mix
    9. Acen – Window on the SKy Monolythikmaniakmix
    10. Acen – Window on the Sky Krome & Time badup mix

  4. sesner says:

    Priceless! Thanks!

  5. WholeHouseFreezer says:

    What a trip. Thank you for ripping and sharing.

  6. withinaconstantgroove says:

    thanks. saves me some effort ripping myself.

  7. Neil Hudson says:

    Cant find the link here? Help please as am doing a remix and need quality samples. A rip would be perfect. Will send you all the remix.

  8. any chance for a re-up obseesed (see what i did there) with Acen. especially the *NOT* album versions… only have shit rips and would love some better def quality. also bummed percussionlab is down now, would have jammed on that mix above…

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