Various – Acid Trance


LP, Blue Chip, 1988

… Meanwhile, the guys behind Blue Chip Records and the Kevin Saunderson-worshipping Nexus 21 were plotting their own move from Detroit-inspired early techno into pure acid… or at least the sound as they saw it, from the desolate industrial wastelands of, um, Stafford, England. As is usual with these early scene-jumping records, almost everyone on the disc is pretty much the same couple of guys under a bunch of pseudonyms. And as is often the case, they finally hit on a couple of artist names that they’d stick with for a while – in this case, the mighty Altern-8 and Bizarre Inc.

01. The Smiley People – It Makes Me Haaappy
02. MADM – To the Acid House
03. Bubbleena – Ah Ha Ha Ha Haaa (Alright Matey Mix)
04. Blip Blop – In a Trance (Doo It)
05. Jeuce – Zoooommm
06. Thieves of Bagdad – Let Me Hear You Scream

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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