Various – Acid House

LP, Jack Trax, 1988

And this is the sort of acid techno those last couple of records were trying to emulate. BTW, this is the European edition of this record; there’s a US version retitled Acid LP that drops “Confusion’s Revenge” for a second Mr Fingers track, but we know you’ve all got Ammmnesia anyway to we’re keeping this just as it is. Meanwhile, we’re intrigued to see just how collectible these early US and UK acid records are getting, just as many Stateside techno types are getting all 808-squiggly on our asses again this last year or two…

1. Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Dream Girl
2. Phortune – Can You Feel the Bass
3. Armando – Confusion’s Revenge
4. Armando – 151

1. Mr. Fingers – The Juice
2. Phortune – Jiggerwatts
3. Kool Ma Kool – World Turns Round
4. Megamix – Pump up the Acid

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6 thoughts on “Various – Acid House

  1. DrWommm says:

    Excellent work Sir, this brings back a lot of fuzzy memories… More please!

  2. acidhead says:

    YES! more acid house please!

  3. verve says:

    Brilliant! Just missed a Pierre/Josh Wink party in NYC last week, to my profound chagrin. Would love to hear heaps more of this!



  4. L says:

    Oh great!!! Please post more. Please!

  5. Jesus Acid says:

    the only thing better would be a FLAC rip to save me from having to rip my own vinyl
    this music deserves WAV files …
    INCREDIBLE record

  6. Mr. Acid says:

    Fucking brilliant. I have been searching for this release for some time now.


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