Various – Acid House Volume One

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LP, BPM, 1988

Couple of intriguing but not madly rare compilations today, from the dim and distant early years of British acid house. Just as with the British Invasion of the US in the 60s, punk from NYC and then back to the US a few years later, and so on, in those far off early days, the music that inspired the first glowing articles was more talked about than heard, and as a result some British producers set about creating a music they had only read about. The most warped example of this is probably the hilarious Jack the Tab albums made by Psychic TV and their woeful cohorts, and there’s some of this “Chinese Whispers” effect happening on these two discs as well.

BPM and Warrior Records were a pair of allied dance labels formed by members of 400 Blows, and on this record Tony (Moody Boys) Thorpe is all over most tracks. Warrior released their own acid compilation around the same time, featuring many of the same contributors. (Note to selves: pull that for a posting, hmm?) Some of it’s odd, some of it’s crude, and to be honest very little is what one might with hindsight call proper acid house, mostly pitched somewhere around early techno with more sampled voices. Just a couple of years later, many of the acts were far more at home making Depeche Mode-esque industrial electro. That New Chapter track at the start of side two, though… very tasty.

01. Joi Bangla Sound – Taj Ma House (5:29)
02. Silicon Chip – Phuture Music (6:06)
03. Construction Crew – Heartbeat (4:10)
04. Force Motive – You Will be Dealt With (4:56)
05. New Chapter – Acid Generation (5:17)
06. The Moody Boys – Boogie Woogie Music (5:43)
07. LE Bass – Acid Bitch (6:22)
08. Mister Monday – Keep On (4:44)

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2 thoughts on “Various – Acid House Volume One

  1. Justin Thyme says:

    “Acid Bitch” by L.E. Bass is so fuckin’ nice! I use to have it on a Jeno mix about 20 years ago. Thanks!

  2. Always looking for more Tony Thorpe!


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