Various – Movement, Mime & Music


LP, BBC Records, 1969

Music and Sounds for music and movement from the BBC Movement, Mime and Music Series for Schools.

More Radiophonic goodness – and more – from the BBC’s fabulous world of music and movement, all produced once more by Vera Gray. In truth, with a fair amount of diligence, you could assemble most of the tracks on side two yourself, picking from the various current BBC Radiophonic Workshop, John Baker and Delia Derbyshire reissues. So why rip this for you? Simply, so you get the pleasure of trying this for yourself. Go on, clear a space in your yard or den, kick off your boots and let the music create sound pictures in your head. Rediscover, or find for the first time, the sheer visceral thrill of pretending to be a tree in a tornado, a little fish in a stream, a seed eaten and then crapped out by a common garden bird… oh sorry, that was what got us excluded back in our schooldays…

Also check that cover design (by Roy Curtis-Bramwell) – rather surprised Stereolab haven’t nicked it for an album yet.

All composed by Alan Paul.
Band 1: Trombone & piano (3 parts)
Band 2: Flute & piano (4 parts)
Band 3: Violin & piano (4 parts)
Band 4: Xylophone & piano / Violin, woodblock & piano (2 parts)
Band 5: The jig, played by separate instruments and then all together (6 parts)
Band 6: Duo for piccolo & oboe
Band 7: The two clowns – flute & bassoon
Band 8: Clarinet
Band 9: Fugue for five woodwind instruments

Bands 1-4—Useful Sound Effects to add colour
1. Fire engine, siren & flames / Jet aeroplane / Diesel train
2. Ship’s forghorn at sea / Strong wind / Thunderstorm with rain
3. Fireworks, with rockets / Machinery / Chiming bells
4. Jungle sounds / Fairground music / Dawn chorus

Bands 5-14—Radiophonic Music – useful for movement
5. David Cain – Radio Nottingham
6. Delia Derbyshire – Mattachin
7. John Baker – The Missing Jewel
8. John Baker – Fresh Start
9. John Baker – Milky Way
10. John Baker – Structures
11. John Baker – New World
12. John Baker – Festival Time
13. John Baker – The Chase
14. Delia Derbyshire – Towards Tomorrow

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