Howard J Davidson – Discoveries Underwater

LP/CD, BBC, 1988

Here’s some sleepy sub-aquatic television soundtrack music, as used in the documentary of the same name made by the BBC. It’s licensed from Ocean Disques, more usually a new age label, of the sort you see with their own little electronic display in craft shops and garden tool stores, but we think this transcends the usual beige dribbling. YMMV.

Incidentally, Discogs suggests this is the same Howard Davidson who conducted the orchestra on Gavin Bryars’ orginal Obscure label recording of The Sinking of the Titanic but we’re not totally convinced. Any thoughts?

A1. B’breath (Theme from Discoveries Underwater)
A2. Panarea
A3. (As a Mark of Respect) No one Shall Enter the Ship
B1. Aqua Sub Aqua
B2. Isle Royal
B3. Atocha
B4. Truk Lagoon

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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5 thoughts on “Howard J Davidson – Discoveries Underwater

  1. owlqaeda says:

    looks choice. thx friend [sound] :)

  2. BCR says:

    nice, thanx for sharing!
    it’s possible that he’s the same guy:

  3. Basso says:

    haha, I am ripping it at the very moment. Looks like I can hit the Start/Stop button right now and dl instead… WOnderful record. thanks for sharing!

  4. chris sessions says:

    Great stuff on this blog guys. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work–it’s much appreciated.


  5. […] And yet, and yet . . . there is a seriousness, a gravity at work here that speaks of deeper artistic vision. Moods shift subtly but with clear intent. The composer is not shy of exploring darker, less reassuring terrain when called to. When I close my eyes, the music quietly evokes the sense of awe that I imagine comes from floating weightlessly above the gigantic hull of some 100 year old sunken black vessel, 30 m. beneath the ocean surface. How the title track manages to segue effortlessly from veiled mystery into angelic brightness is something truly magical to behold. Yes: if only in a most late 80′s way, this is indeed something very special to behold. Here it here. […]

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