Peter de Havilland – Bois de Boulogne

LP/CD, Venture, 1987

Pete de Havilland was, if we believe what we read online, a part-time Vivienne Westwood model, an in-house musical arranger for Virgin, and a member of an apparently unrecorded London band called The Mau-Maus (different to the three bands of that name on Discogs). Who really knows? Not the internet.

Whatever the story – and Peter, you are very welcome to pop back to our Comments section and actually answer some of our questions – this is delicious modern neo-classical music. Cyclical minimalism, some of the sounds audibly emanating from Fairlight samples, that in places summons up the rattling verve of Mchael Nyman’s soundtrack miniatures for Peter Greenaway’s early short films. Drifts into new agey territory only occasionally (well, it is on Venture), and mostly this is well worth a listen or tracking down. We like it.

01. Escher (10:30)
02. Shaku (Cause) (2:42)
03. Myoho (5:02)
04. Shaku (4:02)
05. Shaku (Chant) (1:57)
06. Bois de Boulogne (Theme & Improvisation) (18:58)
07. Shaku (Effect) (1:20)

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5 thoughts on “Peter de Havilland – Bois de Boulogne

  1. Peter de Havilland says:

    THank you.
    This is indeed Peter de Havilland. I shall strive to enlighten you.
    First, thank you for your interest.

    At 14 I began my professional life in music.
    The ride so far has been amazing.

    Please hit me up for a information.

    Merry Christmas

    • Simon Sleath says:

      Dear Peter,

      I used to listen to this album when I lived in Madrid in 1990 and I’ve been looking for it ever since.

      Do you know where I could hear it again?

      Best wishes,


  2. friendsound says:

    Alas, Peter never did reply to a gentle set of questions we sent over…

  3. Phil Trum says:

    Bought this on CD on release. Listened to it regularly over the years. Love it. Listening to it now playing on my phone connected to Bluetooth speakers. Technology I imagined when it was recorded. Bought it on vinyl off eBay not long ago just for the hell of it. Shane there was never anything similar released subsequently.

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