Paul Nagle – Chimera

Tape, Soft Room, 1982

Thirty years ago, Paul Nagle was one of the leading lights in British cosmic synth music. With several dozen self-released tapes to his name, and almost as many compilation appearances (the Flowmotion album or Third Mind’s Visions comp perhaps being the most noteworthy), his lush Berlin School-inspired keyboard workouts walked the fine line between sweet and severe. Truth be told, too often they fell on the wrong side, with many tracks named after episodes from Lord of the Rings or fantasy games. Which means that most of that early stuff is unjustly overlooked – just look at all those titles listed on Discogs, barely heard. There was a reissue of his first two tapes by Vinyl-on-Demand a year or so back, but that was all.

More recently Paul has been playing out as part of synth outfits like Cosmic Smokers and the Joint Intelligence Committee, which are more modern in sound, and thus less interesting to us at least. With all things Krautrock and cosmic synthy – and New Age slush too – being rediscovered by a new generation of hipsters, perhaps his time will come too.

A1. Metal Water
A2. 732 and 815
A3. The Ultiman
A4. Marid
A5. Bedenke Ich Bin
B1. Chimera
B2. Cerin Amroth
B3. Fallow
B4. Phaeta
B5. Firvulag

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