Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)


2xLP, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc/The Charing Hill Company, 1982

Ah, art. What would we do without it, pop kids? And hey, you know, some of those real-life, full-time artistic types, they can rock out too. Why look, here’s a double album full of their grrrrreatest bits.

A scarce double disc of the great and the good from the early 1980s NYC art scene, this is a very mixed bag of sound pieces, spoken word and, well, some songs. But there are some gems here too, so this isn’t just notable for its rarity. The Bill Burroughs piece has his voice slowly set out of phase like an early Steve Reich piece. And the Terry Fox excerpt, from recordings made from a show where he wired very lengthy steel springs from the altar to the doors of an Italian church and then plucked them like the world’s largest guitar, basking in the gloriously cavernous reverb, is pretty damn special. There’s more of Fox’s wire music on his album Ataraxia.

This was released in a limited run, in a gatefold covered in notes, plus a couple of large fold-out posters with further sleevenotes and alternative cover designs. There was also a 500-copy run with prints from some of the contributors as a collector’s item. We ain’t got that one.

01. Jud Fine – Polynesian/Polyhedron (3:12)
02. Eleanor Antin – Antinova Remembers (4:12)
03. Terry Fox – Internal Sound (4:21)
04. Margaret Harrison – First Lines (2:46)
05. Les Levine – Would Not Say No to Some Help (4:10)
06. Hannah Wilke – Stand Up (3:21)
07. Douglas Davis – How to Make Love to a Sound (4:21)
08. Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid – Russian Language Lesson (3:21)
09. Helen & Newton Harrison – Extract from The Second Lagoon: A Memoriam to John Isaacs (2:29)
10. Vincenzo Agnetti – Pieces of Sound (4:30)
11. Chris Burden – The Atomic Alphabet (0:31)
12. Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs – You Only Call the Old Doctor Once (4:45)
13. Ida Applebroog – Really, is That a Fact? (3:09)
14. Edwin Schlossberg – Vibrations/Metaphors (4:52)
15. SITE – Comments on SITE (2:46)
16. R Buckminster Fuller – Critical Path (2:52)
17. Thomas Shannon – Smashing Beauty (4:02)
18. Conrad Atkinson – The Louis XIV Deterrent (5:20)
19. David Smyth – Typewriter in D (3:35)
20. Todd Siler – Think Twice (3:17)
21. Joseph Beuys – Excerpt from Cooper Union Dialogue (4:07)

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3 thoughts on “Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)

  1. icastico says:

    Indeed a gem. Thanks.

  2. nikita coltrane says:

    Found my way to this blog when I googled John Oswald’s “Plexure”. I’m on an Oswald kick this week. Was glad to find it here. Also glad to find this entry here! I tried to get this record on eBay last week, but 1) was outbid and 2) didn’t really want to spend $40 on it anyway. Keep up the good work (and I’ll keep up the cliches.)

  3. Glad we found you. We’re never leaving.


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