Techno! – the New Dance Sound of Detroit / Techno 2 – the Next Generation

The word “techno” had been used in the title of several electro-pop dance records before this – even as far back as a Yellow Magic Orchestra album in 1981. Man Parrish had their electro “Techno Trax” in 1982, and of course Juan Atkins’ “Techno City” was in 1984, at a point where electro and hip-hop were creating sleek new sounds. It always seems to take a gathering together of disparate forms, though, to start to properly coalesce a scene. Regardless of where the term came from, this landmark compilation (and its darker follow-up) put the term front and centre as the sound of Detroit, and from there the world. It could so easily have been so different – the story goes that the first volume was all set to be called “The New House Sound of Detroit”, but when Juan Atkins turned up with his “Techno Music” track the title was assured.

A couple of years later, the follow-up disc showed the spread of the sound into harsher, sparer, more hypnotic tracks. Highlight for the Friendsound crew has always been the kooky 4AD samplefest of “Stark”, sole release by KGB (Tim Brown). Sample-spotters hold onto your hats for “A Lambkin is Bleating” from Les Mysteres des Voix Bulgares and the piano riff from “Blue Bell Knoll” by the Cocteau Twins. Classic albums both, ripped warmly from living vinyl.


Techno! – the New Dance Sound of Detroit, LP/CD, Ten, 1988

A1. Rythim Is Rythim – It Is What It Is (5:36)
A2. Blake Baxter – Forever and a Day (5:36)
A3. Eddie “Flashin” Fowkes – Time to Express (5:41)
A4. K.S. Experience – Electronic Dance (6:36)
B1. Members of the House – Share This House (Radio mix) (5:56)
B2. A Tongue & D Groove – Feel Surreal (6:55)
B3. Mia Hesterley – Spark (6:09)
B4. Juan – Techno Music (7:20)
C1. Inner City – Big Fun (7:39)
C2. Blake Baxter – Ride ‘Em Boy (7:02)
C3. Shakir – Sequence 10 (5:20)
C4. Idol Making – Un, Deux, Trois (6:05)
D. Various – Detroit is Jacking (The Techno! Megamix) (13:49)
(mix by Juan Atkins & Derek May; lp version only)

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Techno 2 – the Next Generation, LP/CD, Ten, 1990

A1. Area 10 – Love Take Me Over (7:09)
A2. Reel By Real – Aftermath (5:17)
A3. KGB – Stark (6:36)
A4. MK – Mirror, Mirror (6:27)
B1. Octave One featuring Lisa Newberry – I Believe (5:56)
B2. Infiniti – Techno Por Favor (5:14)
B3. Psyche – Elements (6:52)
B4. Vice – Ritual (5:48)

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6 thoughts on “Techno! – the New Dance Sound of Detroit / Techno 2 – the Next Generation

  1. esf says:

    are these vinyl or cd rips?
    i’m always wondering what is better: a vinyl rip at 320 kbps or a cd rip with VBR around 200 kbps.
    what do you think?

  2. oldskool says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these in such good quality! Wasn’t this the best time for electronic dance music ever?

  3. milos says:

    this is epic!thanks for the link…greetings from..somewhere on the Balkans…

  4. Linn says:

    Check out a sweet interview with Dave Mothersole on “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit” (1988) on

  5. Drewboy says:

    I’ve been looking for the second disc for ages – thanks for posting this, it’s a classic … really timeless, great music. Thanks again!

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