Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti


LP, Olympic, 1974

We guess this rather does what it says on the cover. In brief, some voodoo rituals, recorded in Haiti on none-too-sparkly equipment, at some point before 1974. No idea how authentic they are, but the sleevenotes certainly seem exhaustive. A short and deadly record that’s probably of more interest mounted on the wall for people to gawp at than to actually listen to, but give it a go anyway. Bang up the volume, open the windows, let the neighborhood have it, see how long it takes before the cops come. (This will depend where you live; in Port-au-Prince you may get this damn stuff every Saturday night anyway.)

1. Voodoo Drums (5:26)
2. Nibo Rhythms (1:19)
3. Prayer to Shango (1:56)
4. Petro Rhythms (0:47)
5. Nago Rhythms (2:40)

1. Invocation to Papa Legba (5:59)
2. Dahomey Rhythms “The Paul’L” — Maize Rhythm — Diouba Rhythm “Cousin Zaca” (6:06)

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One thought on “Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti

  1. Tony Guy says:

    This was one of my lucky discoveries in my late teens (along with Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf etc) when cheap imports and deletions were the only LP’s I could afford. I don’t know whether it is an authentic ceremony but the rawness and energy certainly allows me to believe it is! Shamefully I sold my copy years ago and have regretted it ever since. I suppose I should seek out a copy. A re-mastered MP3 download is available but somehow it wouldn’t be the same …

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