Various – Wild Paarty Sounds vol.1

LP, Cherry Red, 1981

We like our On-U Sound on the early side, so what better than this pre-Pay It All Back collection of mutant indie/dub experiments? Back in these early days, as Adrian Sherwood was still learning his craft, you still get the occasional ex-Pop Group and Slits folks hanging around (Machine Gun Hogg & Co, Ari Up’s New Age Steppers); the mighty Manc freaks Suns of Arqa and the Mothmen – later to form the first iteration of, well, no easy way to say it, Simply Red; and several tracks of almost industrial-tinged clattering. And here’s where you find “Quante Jubila”, still possibly Prince Far-I’s finest rhythm. Later (1991) out on an equally forgotten CD, but ripped from vinyl for proper bass response, y’all.

1. Jah Woosh – Woodpecker Sound (3:25)
2. Machine Gun Hogg & Co. – Bed Bound Saga (3:35)
3. Prince Far I & Creation Rebel- Quanté Jubila (3:17)
4. The Chicken Granny – Quit the Body (3:05)
5. Alan Pillay – Parasitic Machine (3:42)
6. London Underground – Dreams are Better (4:14)

1. Suns of Arqa – Asian Rebel (5:02)
2. Alan Pillay – Demonic Forces (3:46)
3. The Mothmen – Afghani Dub (2:26)
4. Jeb Loy & the Oil Wells – Things that Made U.S. (4:41)
5. New Age Steppers – Yipee I Aah (2:48 )
6. Judy Nylon – The Dice (3:44)

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4 thoughts on “Various – Wild Paarty Sounds vol.1

  1. tg says:

    nice comp.
    the reverse drums on the afghani dub track is killer.

  2. friendsound says:

    Just what I was thinking, Tim. Back then Lord Sherwood wasn’t just flipping the sound file neither. Definitely more Mothmen to come soon (shit, I’m saying that about everything at the moment). — Stefan M.—

  3. Tim says:

    Can I have this again? Used to play it all the time at station and lost my cassette copy. Used to play afghani dub and quanta jubila, youre tuned into the most sounds in town!

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