Various – Come Aboard! QE2

LP, Sceptre, 1969

Would you believe it? One of the most discussed of all 1960s psych records is, erm, an audio description of the maiden voyage of the liner, the QE2? For most of its (fairly short) duration, the only thrills are provided by BBS newsreader Richard Baker or a selection of sounds from life on board what at the time was the world’s most luxurious commercial passenger liner. Oh, but then, two minutes into side two, the barely-recorded Black Cat Bones (singer, one Paul Kossoff) turn up in the liner’s little onboard discotheque with a fabulous little beat-driven monster, smeared with some very tasty guitar courtesy of either Rod Price, later of Foghat, or Bob Weston, later of Fleetwood Mac. Worth emptying your wallet just for that? You decide. The rest of the record is perhaps of more marginal interest to all you psych freaks, but we rather like its secondhand air of glamour, the glamourous life.

Ripped as two sides, and it’s a little bit crackly in parts. You’ll live.

A. Side One (10:51)
B. Side Two (15:53)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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