UV Pop – Just a Game

7″, Pax, 1981

Well, if you’re going to call on some outside help for your first proper post-punk/electronic single, who better than Cabaret Voltaire? Sheffield saxophonist & multi-instrumentalist John White had been playing and recording demos for a few years, generally accompanying himself on multi-tracked tape. Pax is an odd label to find him on, incidentally – most notable for the Wargasm album of anti-war protest anarcho-punk, UV Pop stick out like a sore thumb amongst the hardcore ramalama stuff, despite the equally political nature of White’s lyrics. And a word about the packaging – a screenprinted front cover made up of a bunch of elements, which apparently meant none of the 1000 copies were quite the same. It was screened by someone calling themselves Klive, and we’d put cash on that being the chap from fellow Sheffield band In the Nursery. Sacred Bones reissued their debut album this year, and there were a couple of compilations recently, but this a-side wasn’t on any of them for some reason.

a. Just a Game
b. No Songs Tomorrow

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