9″ flexidisc, National Geographic Society, 1980

More outer space stuff – a felicitous mix of narration, sound effects and sympathetic synth burbles that sounds like the audio-visual soundtrack for a bunch of museum exhibits. It’s the only record we’ve come across (so far) where the Astronomy Consultant gets a namecheck, but the narrator and musicians do not.

Sound quality is a bit suspect, but that’s double-sided 25cm flexidiscs for you. I know, it’s a constant bugbear. Meanwhile, check out that natty op-art Bridget Riley-esque sleeve – remind you of anything?

A1. From Sun Gods to Science
A2. The Planets are Born
B1. Energy From Space
B2. Exploring the Universe

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One thought on “SpaceSounds

  1. T says:

    I had this record when I was a kid. It came inside a big hardback educational coffee table book on the solar system (or maybe just space in general with a segment on the solar system) put out by NatGeo. Great stuff and it zaps me into the wayback machine to see it here!

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