Ron Geesin – Smudge the Snail


7″ in 12″ gatefold sleeve, Good Reading, 1974

So here’s something so lost even Ron himself hasn’t got it listed on his own discography. Admittedly, it’s a very minor work, but if you want something truly rare and exotic to flaunt at your snooty library record-collecting buddies… This is an audio story of a nice little snail, intended for schools it seems, issued on 7″ with music and effects by our man Mr Geesin. There are four variations, from the full story with everything to just the music, and if you delve into the luscious gatefold 12″ sleeve you’ll also find a boardgame with press-out pieces, though it’s no King of Tokyo. Damn, we bet those British schooldays just flew by back in the mid-1970s.

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4 thoughts on “Ron Geesin – Smudge the Snail

  1. JDT says:

    Thank you!

  2. Casper says:

    Thanks so much for this! I love Mr. Geesin.

  3. […] of writings, Headscope 1974 Smudge The Snail, 7”, Good Reading Limited (children record) [+] 2008 Biting The Hand – BBC Radio Broadcasts 1969-1975, CD, Hux […]

  4. Anonymous says:

    if someone has smudge the snail, intact, in very good condition; what would it’s value be. I can’t find it anywhere.


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