Rolf Harris – Introduces the Revolutionary Stylophone

7″, Dübreq, 1970-ish

Hey, guess what we got for Christmas…

Much beloved of David Bowie (hear the rocket take-off FX in the middle of “Space Oddity” for starters) and latterly Orbital, the Stylophone was a fabulous little home synth perfect for any boy or girl, whatever their age, who wanted to sound like a frustrated bee. With its odd little contact stylus and touch-sensitive keyboard, it seriously must have had a profound influence on a whole generation of early Seventies kids in a way that multi-thousand pound Moogs the size of Jodrell Bank could not.

Add wacky uncle Rolf (ex-teacher, Aussie with a German name who hit big in the UK in the 60s with a mix of very odd songs and while-you-watch painting, now discredited as a serial sex pest and currently resident at Her Majesty’s Pleasure) as your guide and this is a veritable time machine of revulsion.

And the fact that you can actually buy the buzzy little bastards again – is surely the perfect excuse to dig this out and rip it. Just don’t let him ask you if you can guess what it is yet.

A. Lesson One (5:41)
B. Lesson Two (5:19)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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