Robert John – The Aliens Stalk the Wrecked Planet


7″ (plays same both sides), Robert John, 1980

What the fuck? Almost laughably obscure guitar scraping 7″. Bought this from a small ad in the back of British music weekly Sounds or NME back when it was first released, something like 59 pence including postage. Can’t remember what the ad said, but it must have been pretty intriguing. Didn’t know what to think when it turned up and we’ve been bemused by it ever since. Could have been released yesterday by some bearded Midwest noise drone freaks… but would probably be on cassette, 31 copies, etc etc. Any further info, people?

1. The Aliens Stalk the Wrecked Planet [2:11]

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3 thoughts on “Robert John – The Aliens Stalk the Wrecked Planet

  1. what a great artifact . thats exactly what i love about the 7 inch format you had to keep it short sharp & succinct …

    • BC says:

      Just seen this, i knew Robert John quite well in the late 70’s.I remember him going to get this single cut. Great days….still got quite a few copies knocking around at home .If you need anymore info , let me know.

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