PGRS – Photographs of Sound

LP, Riskydisc, 1979

It’s a rare day when we turn up something so obscure it’s not on Discogs (or rather is now, because Thorsten just added it to their database), but here’s another one. And when the needle hits the record this has all the makings of a record that should be much better known than it is.

Centered around guitarist Paul Ramsay, this four-piece from the West London suburbs created an improvised record of soundtrack pieces. Sounds very much like they came together, jammed a little, recorded, and went their separate ways. No Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table bing-clang this, though – these are jagged little post-punk workouts, a few of them too sketchy to stand properly upright, but others blossom. There are a couple of descents into vaguely prog-tinged musodom, but such were the times. It all feels rather like the music library record they’d envisaged – and those track titles can only enhance that thought – but as it turns out, one made by a functioning, fully improvising band.

It asks that you “Please file under art and science” in the sleevenotes. That’ll do.

A1. Modern Drive (2:21)
A2. Bordeaux (1:56)
A3. Go (2:23)
A4. Sonia (1:58)
A5. Music for Slow Motion Gymnastics (3:35)
A6. Only Notes (1:39)
A7. Hovering Before Ascent (4:19)
B1. Chords and Effect (3:52)
B2. The Clearing (3:32)
B3. Two Kids Tracing The Source of a River (2:40)
B4. Rockpool (2:12)
B5. Skylake (1:49)
B6. Unfinished Reggae (2:03)
B7. There Should Have Been Words (3:38)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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