Caroliner/Culturcide – Split 7″

7″, Bird Man, 1998

To accompany our festive snatch of Culturcide that’s around here somewhere, here’s another rarity, from their noisy “We’re an actual band, yknow” incarnation, along with some selections from San Francisco’s ten-years-too-early folky psych Americana nutters, Caroliner.

Note: the Caroliner side is ripped as one track. It seems to be about eleven different tunes all rammed together, and doesn’t stop even when the needle hits the paper label, causing T the typical Kraut hifi nerd to scream in pain and leap for the record deck. Such hilarity. The Culturcide tracks, meanwhile, were recorded live in Antwerp. That’s in Belgium, you know.

A1. Caroliner – Bring Culture to the Treetops
A2. Caroliner – Fiddle With the Heart Stuck in it
A3. Caroliner – Wonderful Warm Hearted Flesh Donations
B1. Culturcide – 3:38
B2. Culturcide – 4:51

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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