Actual Frenzy – RR eight Point nine

One-sided 7″, Recommended, 1982

To be frank for a moment, we were gearing up to rip and post the whole of the Recommended Records double album sampler, but at the last minute noticed it had been reissued. The 7″ that accompanied the first, subscriber-only copies of that disc, though, wasn’t on that reissue, so we thought it would be a shame not to…

As as well as its splendid line-up it’s a lovely artefact too – transparent vinyl, with a glow-in-the-dark scene screenprinted on the flip… Lovely, that is, until you play the thing, and realise that the experts weren’t lying when they said that coloured vinyl sounds really horrible. Check it out, see if we weren’t lying neither.

1. Peter Blegvad – Frenzy
2. The Homosexuals – Total Drop
3. Faust – Extract VI
4. R Stevie Moore – What Are You Looking At?/Flowers Sleep into the Night

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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