T Lobsang Rampa – Meditation

LP, A. Touchstones Ltd, 1969

Something a little different… Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was the bestselling author of 1950s sensation The Third Eye – The Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama, an insight into Tibetan Buddhist thought, apparently learned while being trained as a lama from the age of seven, before the author’s personality was somehow transported into the body of a British man. Meanwhile, Cyril Hoskin was a British West Country plumber, who, although never having visited Tibet and who spoke no Tibetan, managed to write not only The Third Eye, but eighteen other titles, all of them equally as fatuous as his first. Check out, especially, Living with the Lama, allegedly dictated by his cat, Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers.

He also recorded at least two records of spoken word instructions, with his rich Zomerset burr somewhat at odds with the mystical instruction being proffered therein.

A. Dr T Lobsang Rampa Instructs the Listener in the Art of Meditation (19:34)
B. Meditation (17:35)

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2 thoughts on “T Lobsang Rampa – Meditation

  1. rparmar says:

    I read that book by his cat when I was in high school. That might explain a lot about my upbringing.

  2. Justin Thyme says:

    This is a brilliant post & very timely. Before Ecky baby.

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