Regular Music

LP, Rough Trade, 1985

Essential album of Philip Glass- and Steve Reich-inspired minimalism from Jeremy Peyton Jones‘ sadly under-recorded Regular Music. Amongst the ten members you’ll find This Heat drummer Charles Hayward and Jocelyn Pook on the violin. And it’s on Rough Trade? Meanwhile, we wonder whether the sheer number of participants is what kept this from ever being reissued on CD – sort it out, somebody!

More recently, his Regular Music II had an album North South East West, on New Tone, which you can get via iTunes, and JPJ continues to compose for other musicians, including Canadian guitar orchestrator Tim Brady. Regular Music and Peyton Jones have also cropped up on a few compilations here and there over the years, notably a pair of Touch tapes, so we’ve added those to this archive too, because that’s how we roll.

A1. Idyllic Rhythms (11:34)
A2. Hyppolyte & Aricie (5:46)
A3. The Fourth Door (Dub) (4:35)
B1. Neapolitan Sixth (Part 1) (5:10)
B2. Neapolitan Sixth (Part 3) (3:21)
B3. The Third Dream (10:35)
B4. The Fourth Door (4:35)

+ Purcell Manoeuvres (3:12) [Touch – Magnetic North 1985]
+ Music for Film (11:12) [Touch – Land’s End 1985]
+ Extracts from 18 Guitars (9:45) [Nottinghamshire Live & Direct 1997]
+ (now added – thanks, Myke!) the demo of Wardance II (6:27) [Unknown Public #1: Points of Departure 1992]

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9 thoughts on “Regular Music

  1. Myke says:

    You’ve just ended a years-long quest for a copy of this. Been a fan of JPJ’s since 1998 or so. Thank you so, so very much.

  2. dubjack says:

    Thank you so much for this one, I got the LP and was looking quite a while for that, hard to find and very,very good. I think only a few people even know that this record exists. Somehow “essential” for the eighties.Where did this kind of music go?

  3. swanstep says:

    Thank you so much for making this music available, hence introducing me to Regular Music. This record is quite simply the bees’ knees.

  4. miz says:

    Thanks a bunch!!
    Bought that LP when it came out, now looking since ages for a rip.
    Essential stuff!

  5. ZsaZsa says:

    Great stuff. This should really see the light of day on CD.

  6. Myke says:

    Absolutely excellent. I should add what is, to me, the canonical JPJ track: the early demo version of Wardance II, which ended up (in an inferior remake) on the Regular Music II album. It originally appeared on a compilation called UNKNOWN PUBLIC VOL. 1: POINTS OF DEPARTURE. I’ve upped it here:

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