Culturcide – Santa Claus Was My Lover

7″, no label, 1986

Blah blah christmas spirit blah blah best of the the fucking Noughties blah blah fuck Christmas blah blah bastard pop pre-sampling voiceover rattle blah blah Michael Jackson blah blah. Breaking news: Santa Claus is dead.

A. Santa Claus Was My Lover (4:49)
B. Depressed Christmas (2:31)

Link ZSLink K2SDiscogs

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One thought on “Culturcide – Santa Claus Was My Lover

  1. g says:


    I just heard this band within the last 5 minutes and Depressed Christmas is playing now as I type this.

    I gots to find out more about this band in 2012. I’m hoping their other works are similarly entertaining and irreverent, right up my alley ;)

    Very entertaining, especially as I’m alone in my own cold, empty apt. Very apt, but I’m nowhere as sad & lonely as that poor guy in the song (and that’s a good thing).

    Anyways, thanks for posting this up.

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