Brian Eno brings you “Seasons Greetings”

Season’s Greetings CD & christmas card, John Brown Publishing, 1996

John Brown Publishing is a lively English magazine publisher, whose stable includes the notorious Viz (adult comic) and Bizarre (a glossy Weekly World News-type look at the extremes of culture). Its eponymous owner happened to live next door to a certain B Eno, so when the company decided to release a CD of Christmas songs and messages as their 1996 corporate Christmas card, who better to arrange it all than the next-door neighbour?

So here we have it… a couple of vaguely listenable Christmas songs with Mr Eno’s emminently recognisable voice prominent in the mix, plus a sprinkling of quite frightful corporate messages, all in a nicely designed gatefold. The staff scribbled their names on them and sent them out to clients and friends. Our best guess would be that there were maybe 250-500 of these made, maybe less.

Note: It’s all ripped as one track, but we’re sure you could extract the meagre musical content with ten minutes’ wrangling on a sound editor. You’ll only be sitting around bored all Christmas time anyway. Get to it.

1. Season’s Greetings from John Brown Publishing (7:27)

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One thought on “Brian Eno brings you “Seasons Greetings”

  1. radiocitizen says:

    Thanks for the file and cover pics!!

    Go to More Dark Than Shark for everything about Brian Eno

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