Plant Bach Ofnus – Symudiad Ymddangosol y Lleuad

15 December, 2012

Tape, Direction Music, 1990

The “Timid Little Children” were a Welsh pair, Gorwel and Fiona Owen, who released just a single derived from one of their two John Peel sessions, a tasty beat-heavy twelve incher on Ankst that Peel caned for a while, and this magnificently dreamy tape for the ever-essential Direction. Superb stuff that, like so much on Direction, should really be out on a smartly remastered CD for all to enjoy. Ah well.

Four tracks, devoted to the phases of the moon, ranging from echoing drones to underwater-Cocteaus shoegaze shimmers. For actual track titles, though, you’ll have to see the tape inlay – they be wordless astronomical symbols.

Working link | Discogs

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One comment

  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate this top label for it’s important contribution to the history of space music and recommend you to visit my blog I dedicated to this kind of sounds and other weirdness Icome across.

    For Journey to the source ov everythinG


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