Gil Mellé- Mindscape

13 December, 2012

LP/CD, Blue Note, 1989

Rippling New Age-y synths meet fusion-inspired soundtrack impressionism, on this atypical (to say the least) late 80s Blue Note release. Mellé is best known for his wonderful electronic score for The Andromeda Strain in 1971 (dig that sleeve also), and he provided music for classic 1970s shows like Columbo and Kolchak the Night Stalker. He played everything here, produced the album and painted the sleeve image. He died in 2004.

NB, this is ripped from the vinyl edition; apparently the CD had two more tracks. If you have ‘em, may we direct you to the Comments link…

A1. Mindscape (3:37)
A2. Message from Mozambique (5:58)
A3. Shadow and Substance (13:51)
Part 1 – Vintage Autumn
Part 2 – Experiment Perilous
Part 3 – Zero in the Universe
B1. Bird of Paradise (3:39)
B2. Double Exposure (2:55)
B3. The Blue Lion (5:43)
B4. Neon Canyons (5:43)
B5. Swamp Girl (4:17)

Working link | Discogs

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  1. really dig on the andromeda strain sndtrk…this should be pleasing to my ears as well. thanx for sharing!

  2. Listening now to Message From Mozambique through headphones, excellent vinyl rip, thank you very much, never heard of this album before!

  3. Here are those extra tracks


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